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    A dream within a dream

    by , 04-13-2016 at 04:16 PM (628 Views)
    So, I was taking a nap and I was dreaming that I was part of a TV show. then I remember waking up in my room, (I actually hadn't woken up, because I was having a False Awakening.) So I remember going by the window and I saw my friends buying some sandwiches. So I went down and bought a sandwich too, (And let me tell you, it was Delicious! I never had dream food before but now I recommend it 100% xD)
    Then I woke up. Though with an empty stomach because in reality I hadn't eaten anything at all. XD
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    1. Keitorin's Avatar
      False awakenings are something, aren't they?? I love food in dreams but I don't dream about it nearly often enough.
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    2. LanaPhoenixSoul's Avatar
      Yes, they are! They make things so confusing. ..

      and i never had dream food until today. It was a memorable experience! I wonder what would happen if i ate a dream pill...hmmmi