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    Mission to return home (Another Video Game Dream)

    by , 03-17-2016 at 08:31 PM (165 Views)
    I had a dream that every Dragon Age inquisition character was with me in this world and they needed me to take them back to their world. Therefore I joined a dangerous group, so I could gather information. Then I got info there this group has operating teleporting portals that has to power to teleport to different place in this world and other worlds as well. So we decided to break into the boss's house. We sneaked pass the guards and then we went into the boss's room, In the room there was a metal door with a security code lock, we broke the lock and then the alarms went off.
    Then behind the door there was a small round pool and inside the pool glowed green (which was actually the portal) . So one by one I sent the others to jump through the portal. The guards were closing in and before I jumped into the portal I made sure it would self destruct.

    Then we teleported somewhere that looked like an empty watch tower. So we rested there, there were tables there and towels to dry ourselves off. So I sat on a table, infront of me Iron Bull was sitting and beside me was Solas.
    We were talking about somethings (which I can't remember) But then I remember telling Solas that, "I can understand you quite well." He then asked, "Really?" I remember giving him a smirk and then I told him things that I knew about him and things I understood from him. He just looked at me, silent, and I looked back at him. He then extended his hand towards my face, I thought he was going to kiss me but instead he just pulled back some of my hair infront of my face saying, "You shouldn't let your hair cover your eyes so much, it will weaken your eyesight."

    I vividly remember my heart beating faster that moment and my cheeks becoming red.

    After we rested, we continued our mission and we jumped through more portals. Then I remember we were running away from the enemy when suddenly I fell down into the water and then woke up.
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