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    Two Dreams, One lucid

    by , 03-25-2016 at 03:31 PM (154 Views)
    1. I remember I was lying down on a bed in a hospital, then suddenly I became lucid. That's when I decided to go and continue my search for my dream guide but as I attempted to get off the bed, a doctor came in through the door and tried to stop me from leaving but before he could do anything, I opened the window beside my bed and flew out side, as I was flying I was slowing losing my lucidity. I remember vividly that I kept telling myself 'to stay lucid'. Then I fell on to the ground and I lost my lucidity and the dream scape changed.

    2. Afterwards I was in a mansion of some sort? (I don't remember clearly) But I remember telling a dwarf to send a message to someone I knew and people were coming in and out of a portal.

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