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    1. Car Accident Lucid

      by , 02-10-2012 at 09:04 PM
      I was inside my house, and I became lucid but forgot how. I went into the washroom and drank some water out of the tap and did the nose pinch RC to make sure I was dreaming. I then proceeded to run up my stairs while wondering why I wasn't flying to the top. I got outside on my balcony and started swinging on something and singing a song about the night, and how I wish it was bright and sunny out.

      I then saw my car and a bunch of other cars in a parking lot, and went up to them. Before sitting in mine, I decided to check out the white truck far away from me, and I believed it would open despite being locked, and it did. I went inside and went for a drive, and purposely crashed into a car which lead to many other crashes and a wreck at some plaza. I then RC'ed again to make sure I was still dreaming
    2. Lucid Fragments

      by , 02-05-2012 at 06:03 PM
      I remember becoming lucid but don't remember how or why. I started flying around as usual. Then I tried to be batman and use a batclaw which wasn't working, instead I started gliding around the city. I remember being able to make a laser pointer come out of my finger and I also went inside my house and my grandparents house.

      I started fighting random people dressed in DBZ uniforms and I started being attacked by someone. I kept trying to do a proper kamehameha but it wouldn't work but I learned some other wierd ki blast where I why swipe off green discs from my hand like cards, which worked cuz i saw the enemy do it to me. When I lazer pointed with my finger, my peripheral vision blurred so I stopped.
    3. My ufc title fight

      by , 01-28-2012 at 08:56 PM
      I was watching myself fight on UFC live, I was fighting someone can't remember. My family saw me at the house and asked if im fighting right now and I tell them I am, but I wonder if UFC is live and im fighting, what am I doing at my house watching myself fight.

      I go walk around, I see my bro and use raidens thunder dash move but am still not completely lucid. I try stealing some glowing objects from this guy but he doesn't let me. Then I start to realy question whether I'm awake or asleep. I go over to my sliding door adn RC nose pinch and it works. I walk outside lucid, and start kicking my cars windows in. Then I start flying around and realize I have to practice my goals of fush ro dah shout and pyrokinesis. I try both which don't work, then I try kamehame ha and it comes out as a blue ball that hits my brother in the head while I'm flyihng in the air. I tried stabilizing by touching objects around me etc. And I start flying more. My cousin also joins in an is lucid.

      We fly to the top of a building but soon I wake up.
    4. Looking for a building, resetted, got bored so dry humped

      by , 12-22-2011 at 07:22 PM
      I became lucid, and I remember failing to make a certain building appear. The dream resetted and I was sitting on a sidewalk, looking at a truck in front of me. I said "if im dreaming, anything is possible here, i can change the face of the man driving" And the people driving went off their own way. I started running down the street and turning right, and each time I would tell myself that the building i wanted would appear and be happy/confident in it. I got tired of waiting, and saw some bombshell walk out of a door, for some reason my instincts came about me, and since I was bored of looking for the building (which wasn't working) i mounted her, and "dry humped" her till I came and woke up soon after. Really wierd dream.
    5. Inception, many re-enteries and false awakenins

      by , 12-19-2011 at 10:25 PM
      The dream seemed to start at a random location. I figured out that I was dreaming just because of the wierdness of the location. I Found a metal fence in the dream, and did a backflip off from it, which surprisingly felt exactly how mybackflips feel in real life. I tried getting my cousin to do it, and she failed. Then there were some kids and i tried proving to them that this was a dream. Now after this, there were many moments where the dream seemingly ended, and I came back and became lucid once again in a similar fashion.

      I remember another side chain of events where I was with some friends from church, and i tried proving that we were dreaming the whole time. I remember flying around and calling out to them, I also oddly remember smokin weed before going into one of their parents houses, which felt pretty awkward and I felt a little high. I was flying really fast around a parking lot that we went to afterwards.

      This cycle of falseawakenings into the same location over and over seemed to trigger lucidity really fast. Inception was one of the things I was thinking about before sleeping. I remember walking through a hallway, with my partner, some random kid from my school who i don't remember. We brought a few girls with us in this hallway, and we were all rolling shoppping carts. Apparently, the shopping carts were our transport into the dream, and on the front of them was written our status ( Hazard: Drowsy levels increasing, losing wakefullness) or something to that extent was written on them.

      As we walked through the hallways with more people appearing, my partner and i started telling the girls about dreams and the difference between reality and awakening. The girls seemed intrigued but my partner and I knew that that was about to increase tenfold. Once we passed the green line and got outside, the mark on the shopping carts said something along the lines of unconscious or something that indicated we were no longer awake, as we had passed the portal to a dream. We asked the girls if they felt any different right now, and they didnt notice, then we went on to tell them that we are all dreaming and started to prove it in really wierd ways.

      We were close to a burger king and my partner said, "look, if we want potato salad at burger king, we're gonna get it!" At this point I jumped onto one of the cars in the drivethrough, punched a hole throug the windshield and took the guys sandwich and started eating it. I looked at the girls and said "see?", then I jumped and flew onto a building and made it topple down as i fell along with it and the dream ended.
    6. Another Long LD with FA, flying

      by , 12-12-2011 at 04:11 PM
      The dream started from my math teachers classroom, i was just sitting in class normally, and then something made me realize it was a dream (last night I imagined myself becoming lucid in the exact same way), So i reality check nose pinch and decide to leave the classroom.

      The teacher and classmates didn't say anything about me leaving, and I was really surprised at the details of the dream, as everything looked almost exactly how it should have, only a few minor details were off. I went outside and it was dark, I started flying around the neighbourhood, and as before, my ability to fly straight up almost overpowered my ability to fly forward, but I quickly countered this and learned how to fly straight too. I came crashing down later into 2 girls, and proceeded to try and woo one of them, but they got scared from my landing and before I even tried anything they said "I;m scared I think we should leave",

      This didn't stop me as I proceeded to "get in" but she wasn't really feelin it and I fell on top of her and the dream ended....

      Until I realized I am still dreaming, as it was dark and I was outside in my neighbourhood. Once again I was surprised at the attention to detail, as the houses with christmas lights still had them in my dream, and I ran towards those houses, I dont remember how this dream ended but it did sort of end some way...

      Until I realized I'm still dreaming and this time it was nice and sunny outside. I told my brother, and he looked at me, and watched me flying around the neighbourhood and was like "Wow he's actually having a lucid dream right now" as if he was dream sharing with me (which I'm sure he wasn't because similar things have happened where my siblings sort of know that I'm lucid in a dream and observe me, and I asked them about it but they always say no, they weren't actually in the dream). I started climbing a tree, and my cousin followed and tried to make me come down.

      Once again I started flying around the neighbourhood and my aunt told me to stop flying so close to the electric powerlines, and just to annoy her I flew right into the powerline, nothing happened as I knew it was a dream and they couldn't really harm me, and I continued flying. In the last part of the dream I was inside a house, my brothers friends were over and they were all doing some wierd stuff I can't really remember.
    7. Very short LD From last night

      by , 12-02-2011 at 02:42 AM
      I became lucid but I dont remember how, and I was outside in my neighbourhood at nighttime. It was very dark, and I decided to go fly, failed the first time but then I succeeded in flying very high, but I couldn't see anything and couldn't really feel anything since i was in mid air and the dream kinda collapsed. Then I was back in my room, and I walked out and looked at the window leading outside, it was still nighttime but I willed it to be bright and sunny, and it became bright and sunny really quick, so I started walking outside but the dream ended before I got outside
    8. Game induced lucid dream

      by , 11-19-2011 at 01:46 PM
      This dream was about 2 hours into my sleep, so it was pretty short, I was In battlefield 3, and my teamates and i are on top of a roof, theres abunch of helicopters etc. chasing us. One of the helicopters misses us and goes down into the water, at this point, things started getting wierd, and all my teamates were gone with the exception of one. He wanted to prove that he could fly the bike by himself, as there was a parked non-motor bicycle on the roof with us but he failed and left. I take the bike and start to pedal really fast and let myself gently off the roof, I started gliding down and in the next moment, I was in my neighbourhood gliding gently down on a bike, at this point I questioned the dream and thought "If I'm doing this with a bike, I don;t need it, I can just fly, I'm dreaming!! So I reach the ground and stabilize as well as reality check, I look around the neighbourhood and the dream wasn't super clear or stabilized, but I started running towards my school, and I see a guy jogging down the street and I yell at him, and start to fly but I only get a couple feet in the air, and the dream ended but I stayed still to DEILD but either it didn't work or I fell back into a non-lucid (pretty sure its the first one, cuz this was only 2 hours into my sleep)
      Tags: bf3, gild, lucid, short
    9. Skydiving, principal, mma cage fight with

      by , 11-09-2011 at 08:36 PM
      Im at my school outside, talking to the principle. I remember being in trouble for some reaon that didnt make sense, so I got angry at the princicpal and started to quetsion things around me. All of a sudden I realize Im dreaming, and I dont remember exaclt what I did, but I think I may have punched him or swore at him. Then I looked up at the schools roof, and flew to the top rather easily, then I decided to keep going higher and higher until i was above 200 feet in the air and I let myself fall down and into the ground, which wasn't painful at all, and accomplished my goal of skydiving (although I wish I had gone higher). I then remember landing in some truck yard, going in to my dads truck and seeing him asleep in the back and I left.

      Next dream i was non lucid and remember cornering two kids from my class who were gonna fight each other in a mma match, in a cage. In between the waiting, one of the fighters dissapeard and replaced with someone else, and both cornermen were feeding the fighters tube yogourt before fighting, which made me question the setting.

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    10. WILD, funny experiences.

      by , 11-07-2011 at 03:54 PM
      I feel SP vibrations and I stay calm with them, I then feel a change in my body, as if my body has changed shape and something is flowing around in me, this is usually the sign that I have entered my dream body and am ready to get up, so I get up and find it really hard to do so at first but I overcome anyway. I try to go on the computer in my room but the mouse sensitivity is way too high to use so I give up. I downstairs and see my brother aunt and mom in the kitchen, I start punching my brother in the face really hard, and it doesn't effect him like it should. Its still funny tho, then I go and annoy my mom, I take a bottle of whiskey from my dads alcohol and start taking some and I don't like the taste. I go outside and fly to the top of a house, I go inside and find some people, I look for the guys wife but instead find some other really skinny girl who will only, "have fun" if we can film edit it or something, I agree and tell her I love her, and we go to the kitchen to do the dirty, she lies on the ground and I pick her up and try to "enter" but can't. The dream ends but I stay still and DEILD. I wake up and stabilize but I'm inside a dark house, which doesn't look like mine, I break through what appears to be my curtains, both the glass and the blinds, and go out, seeing the same house as last time which i try to enter, I see a girl who wants me to finger her, and I comply, and she tells me she'll be fine, it won't hurt, but she does look hurt. Some creepy old lady watching starts laughing and I decide to leave, and go to my school to do the TOTM, and I break through some of the house walls after travelling through a tunnel. My school looks normal, except there are a whole bunhc of cars around it, and theres a huge parking lot, its bigger, so much more commotion and traffic around it and I soon wake up.
    11. Lucid, DEILD fail, robber gets owned

      by , 11-04-2011 at 05:01 PM
      Me Jo and my bro are all in a building walking around, we see some familiar people and some I donít reall recognize. Apparenly we are in really big church builing, itís the size of a mall and its actually really huge Me and jo walk around visiting places seeing stuff and looking around. We go ino a restroom and some guy tries to grab johanes iphone case apparently and we get mad and say why would you steal in a church. We walk out but later decide that we want to find the guy who tried to do it, I think I see him but then we run somewhere else, I see a guy with a gun call johane and try to lure him into coming near him. Hes on the left in some convenience store. I quickly run in after him and try to warn jo, and Iím scared but then I realize, this is ll just a dream, it cant really be happeneing!. I become lucid and aware and I RC. Then I fly onto the top of the area and find the guy crawling on the ground trying to sneak by my friend and kill him, so I start divebombing near him, and yelling kamehameha, instead of using it, I kick him in the face, and the dream starts fading so I stabilize. I end up in my room, false awakening and I try to write the dream on my laptop beside my bed, but I start feeling SP vibrations hit me and also realize that this is still a dream. I experience sleep paralysis vibrations, very loud noises and a turning over of my body floating in bed and I get up lucid. I yell at my house lights to turn on and they do but too bright, making my vision blurry. I try commanding my eyes to open but I try too hard and instead I open my real eyes and become awake.
    12. Random Make out seshes, Rise of the Planet of the Apes

      by , 10-29-2011 at 08:13 PM
      The dream started off wierdly, I was in my house in the basement, and there were a bunch of young women walking around the house. One of them came out to me on the couch, sat in my lap and started making out with me for no apparent reason. Without hesitating, I did but then when I close my eyes and re open them, she disappears. I get up and start wondering whether this is a dream, I walk to a room, and see my mom in there, and I say "when I close and open this door, there will be more hot girls in here" but each time I open it, my moms still in there, and I end up pushing her out of the room. I try to walk on the ceiling but fail at it and back flip in a sloppy way instead. Then i have a minor awakening, I become aware during it and DEILD. I feel the vibrations get stronger and stronger until i am standing in my dark room, I quickly walk back outside in the dark and keep yelling sunshine sunshine trying to make it brighter but it doesnt work. Then im in a forest where theres an army of men, that look like they came straight out of battlefield 3 and they have the arrows above there heads too, adn they start shooting at a bunch of apes which are able to fly. The apes are intelligent like from planet of the apes, and They start flying to a volcano in the midst of the forest. I decide to go after them and remember that im lucid and i dotn need to walk, I put my arms to my side, run look up at the trees near the volcano and take off, quickly meeting with the apes, however i dont remember much of the dream after this.
    13. Longest LD to date, Free flight almost mastered, kamehameha wave mastered FINALLY :D

      by , 10-27-2011 at 03:35 PM
      WILD,very long, LD vibrations hit me, and I get up, find myself in my house dreaming, Everything is dark and I start to freak out thinking the dream is gonna end, but I stabilize by touching things and looking around my house. I look for my air soft gun and its been changed in that it has a really long barrel, and it shoots out paintballs which I shoot at my window. I leave after walking around and checking some stuff out. Then I walk out and try to fly, I have struggled with free flight before, only being able to use the pull method, and it didn’t work any better this time etiher. I instead go look for my school, and on the way, I end up at some park which is supposedly behind the school, where one of my friends hangs out a lot. I see a whole bunch of people I know from my school here, yet its not really my school. Then I get angry that this is a lucid dream and I’m not doing anything exciting and still not able to to fly properly. I yell out, if this is a dream, I can fly if I want to, flight is possible!! And I jump to the air looking at something and it actually works and I go to the top of a building. The only problem is, I go way to high instead of flying forward (which is something I need to work on). to get to the top of the building, I had to literally fly so high that I was on the edge of the world, and I walked upside down over to the building and let myself fall onto it. I end up getting inside some guys truck and I lose a little bit of lucidity but not completely. He brings me into some kind of game show on the truck but the truck has 3-4 floors on it and I have to fight him on the first floor, which I do and easily beat him but on the second floor I have to beat his two sons, but they are already dead. On the last floor is his tied up wife, I free her but she starts yelling at me or something, at this point I realize im wasting time so I get up and leave. Now im in a mall/store area, looks kind of like some part of future shop and I quickly regain lucidity. I try to do a kamehameha wave, and it actually works!!, I say the words, and see a blue wave of energy develop in my hands, and I blast it at 2 people who start tripping and smile and laugh, happy that I have learned this sacred technique. However, an asian man in his late 40’s with spiked hair was also there, and his kamehameha wave was much better than mine. He had the blue electricity coming out of his hands, and when he shot the blast out, it would actually be visible, whereas mine would be almost translucent and only a wave of clear blue energy. I leave the store and have a false awakening sort of deal inside a car with a man and a woman. I’m relaxed and calm, until one of the women says, “if this whole thing he experienced was a dream, that means this whole thing is still a dream!!” I RC excitedly, see that I can breathe through a pinched nose and I leave the car, start flying over neighbourhoods and looking at people. My flying is free, not a pull method like I had to use before (which I hated) however I go up way more than I go forward which needs to be fixed. I flew up to a window of a family that was watching tv, and I tapped on the glass to annoy them but they didn’t seem to interested in the fact that there was a guy flying behind their window 3 stories above the ground. I fell to the ground softly, it didn’t hurt at all, and then I took off into the neighbourhood once more, and woke up soon after.

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    14. WILD/DEILD success flying, fight with a mexican on rooftops.

      by , 10-17-2011 at 07:13 AM
      I attempt to WILD but lose consciousness, then i enter a dream and quickly become lucid but end up leaving the dream and staying still in order to DEILD, i succeed as i feel the waves of SP in my mind flow over and over, until I am up in my room. It is hard for me to move and see, everything feels sluggish (like many of my WILD beginnings) and I try to stabilize by yelling, however my yelling sounds really muffled as if im hearing myself scream in a different room, I collapse and hit the floor, as movement had become very difficult, and I think that I failed. I then find myself awake agian in my room and still lucid in a dream, so i walk around a bit, go into my gaming room and the tv is flipped to the other side of the room. My ps3 is on and the fan is going very loud. I step outside and its nightime, all the houses have blue christmas lights all over them, and everything looks so beautiful overall.

      i start walking down my street hoping for it to become daylight, i see a tree which i try to focus on in order to stabilize and the tree looks like its made of something fake, kind of like a fake christmas tree. Then i walk further down the street until I see a man walking two dogs, one of them jumps on top of me and i get angry, so I decide to fly away onto some houses I see, as i knew these dogs couldn't fly up there to catch me. It was the first time I had flown freely, and it was awsome, i didn't fall down but there was a clothesline that i held on to when i got really high, and i landed on one of the rooftops, where appparently there was a mexican wreslter/fighter that wanted to fight with me. So i swung and flew across the rooftops and kicked him in the face, and he started falling away. I decided i didnt wanna waste my time flying and instead wanted to go explore my school but as i start to fly away, the dream ends.
    15. DBZ dream I recall now, from 7-8 years ago

      by , 10-15-2011 at 06:24 AM
      This drema happened in a point of my life where I was a really intense DBZ fan and also very young, and always hoped to be able to do the things I saw in the show, like flying kamehameha, using powers etc. and I would have dreams about random characters in DBZ. One night I have a dream where Im at some really dark place, and mr popo ( the really dark guy from DBZ) is there, and I earnestly beg him to teach me how to fly. I was about 9 years old at the time, and I couldn't believe I had met mr popo. He told me that If i wanted to learn flying, I had to eat some indian food in the corner, it was some beans in spicy sauce, and i wondered wtf that had to do with learning how to fly, but I did it anyway earnestly hoping it would work, I ran around jumping afterwards but it never worked and I was mad at mr popo for lying to me.
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