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    Lucid, DEILD fail, robber gets owned

    by , 11-04-2011 at 05:01 PM (292 Views)
    Me Jo and my bro are all in a building walking around, we see some familiar people and some I donít reall recognize. Apparenly we are in really big church builing, itís the size of a mall and its actually really huge Me and jo walk around visiting places seeing stuff and looking around. We go ino a restroom and some guy tries to grab johanes iphone case apparently and we get mad and say why would you steal in a church. We walk out but later decide that we want to find the guy who tried to do it, I think I see him but then we run somewhere else, I see a guy with a gun call johane and try to lure him into coming near him. Hes on the left in some convenience store. I quickly run in after him and try to warn jo, and Iím scared but then I realize, this is ll just a dream, it cant really be happeneing!. I become lucid and aware and I RC. Then I fly onto the top of the area and find the guy crawling on the ground trying to sneak by my friend and kill him, so I start divebombing near him, and yelling kamehameha, instead of using it, I kick him in the face, and the dream starts fading so I stabilize. I end up in my room, false awakening and I try to write the dream on my laptop beside my bed, but I start feeling SP vibrations hit me and also realize that this is still a dream. I experience sleep paralysis vibrations, very loud noises and a turning over of my body floating in bed and I get up lucid. I yell at my house lights to turn on and they do but too bright, making my vision blurry. I try commanding my eyes to open but I try too hard and instead I open my real eyes and become awake.

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