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    Striving To Achieve My Goal

    Borne dreamer

    by , 02-13-2011 at 07:06 PM (702 Views)

    Last night's dream (the one i can remember) was something like the borne trilogy. Unfortunatley i played no part in it .
    I was merely a spectator.
    There was a guy who was being chased by some sort of swat team. But he was incredibly gifted in the way of quick thinking, and being agile. I'd imagine he'd know some form of martial art He jumped through a small door window and people would follow him in. But he would still be holding on and he pulled himself back through. Then he climbed on onto rooves of houses/ buildings to avoid being caught. When two people were close to him, he was kind of lying down, he just rolled over and knocked one of them off. I remember hearing him screaming (like the wilhelm scream in movies) as he fell to his death. And the other guy, sensibly, backed off.
    Quite entertaining if you were watching it. Which i was!
    On the other hand, other than that i remember very little of my dreams last night so i'm quite disappointed, really.

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