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    Striving To Achieve My Goal

    A pretty rubbish dream.

    by , 02-16-2011 at 11:22 PM (725 Views)
    I'm in my car, on my way to Stocky.
    I want a roll up but obviously, i can't because i'm driving. So, i pull up around the corner. And then i'm in some kind of shelter, sat down, having a cig on some really big road bridge. It was busy, anyway, but more and more people start coming in- young people and families.
    Then the location changer to someone's house. This guy is chatting up this girl. And for some reason, i make him a brew.
    Then me and Am are talking. I light a cig for her. Then the random girl that the guy had being trying to chat up changed to her. I start teasing her about being chatted up by this guy.

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    Tags: bridge, car, smoking, tea
    non-lucid , dream fragment