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    Striving To Achieve My Goal

    Sir Francis Bacon

    by , 02-14-2011 at 10:41 PM (792 Views)
    I'm going through this maze. Not in a particularly surreal way. It was like the ones that are made out of hedges. And there are other people there. And it c
    kind of transforms into a kids playhouse type thing (a bit like the kids tv show fun house). Still in kind of maze form, but there are multiple tiers.
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    My dad's got a 4 by 4 convertable (do they exist? i don't know). And he's driving down to the end of simon's way (finney lne end). James and Ann-Marie are with us. Then we get out and James starts speaking about his frustration with Wayne's cousin- Luke (who he doesn't actually know, at all, in real life!). and Luke was complaining about not being able to claim dole money, even tho he's working. And
    james was saying how he doesn't do that much work.
    Then Ann'Marie and i are at James' work in this big warehouse. And she decides we play a game whereby we pick up stuff from the warehouse to symbolise a famous person's name. One of the things Ann-Marie picks up is some bacon. And the name of that person was Sir Francis Bacon. ????
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    I fall out with Wayne about not doing stuff together. And i say it's because i don't have alot of money. I said i'd been to see united about for or five times this season. And he said he phoned me up hinting to go a number of times and i turned him down. But at that stage i had no money.
    i remember saying to him "i can't spend money i haven't got!". And my mum was there for some reason.

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