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    1. Lucid dreaming... without the lucid.

      , 01-29-2012 at 05:07 PM
      I got back home late last night from the pub so I didn't think to attempt a MILD or anything. Immediately crashed into my bed and fell asleep. I did have an interesting dream though.

      This was the tail end of a longer dream, the parts before I only remember fragments of.

      I was sat in a car on a long motorway with walls either side, I had the impression this road was really high in the sky. There were 4 other people in the car with, none of which I can remember recognising. The road was desolate and abandoned, not a single other person in sight, there were empty cars littered about the place. Our car wasn't moving, we had stopped just before going into this dark tunnel when our engine had stopped. The tunnel was on a bit of a downhill slant so me and another man got out and gave the car a push until we started rolling, avoiding the empty cars on the way down.

      Emerging from the tunnel it was clear that the road had collapsed and if we couldn't stop the car we were heading straight off. The car stopped before the drop and everyone got out to peer over the edge. It was a small enclosed area of rubble and dark green water, everyone took an aversion to the water as if it was dangerous. Gradually we climbed down the drop and started making our way over the water, jumping on debris and wooden poles. The man leading the group across reached the end of the path of debris to find it lead nowhere.

      He turned to me as I reached the end and told me this was just a dream, that we could simply fly out of here. So we did, we flew through the wall enclosing the pool of water to find nothing, a vast grey empty space. As if you noclipped through a map in a videogame. He turned to me again and sounded concerned about the lack of anything out here, I think his words were 'There's no world.'

      I told him not to worry as I remembered that you can summon things in dreams and told him that I'd created a big grassy field. It appeared as I finished the sentence. We flew around exploring the infinite field.

      And that's all I remember, I wasn't actually lucid but had dreamt about being lucid. A strange experience. I kicked myself in the morning for not noticing it as a sign to become lucid.