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    Dream Fragments

    , 01-05-2012 at 06:55 PM (405 Views)
    Since I started this whole shindig, my dream recall has been getting better but no full dreams yet. So I figured I'd just write up all my little dreamlets in one post.

    Before I start my first dream.. I should tell you all right now, I am quite a big nerd. I love films, games, music, youtube. All of that. The reason is, this dream has a lot of references to those things. So yeah... I'm a nerd. XD

    #1 It started off with my watching an episode of Big Bang Theory (which in reality I don't like at all) Penny was talking about writing an essay about Jim Carrey but hadn't seen The Mask. Then I was suddenly in the world of The Mask, in the grand canyon, watching a drag race. The car that The Mask was driving went over a huge ramp in a very comic way and crashed into the floor turning into a big ball of flames. I was at the other end of the race track waiting with the other spectators for the race to finish when I bumped into Cpt Sparklez (a youtuber) who said he was hungry, so we drove into McDonalds. Literally drove into, like a drive-thru inside the store.

    #2 I was watching the film Stand By Me with one of my best friends younger brother at his house, although all their furniture had been replaced with fallen trees. That somehow morphed into me being in Stand By Me as a 10 year old with the cast of the film and another young kid who was apparently representing Johnny Depp. The only obvious thing to do in that situation was to beat him up, which we did..

    #3 This started off taking place in an estranged version of the Royal Albert Hall, it was a lot bigger and open roofed. Me and some bandmates were playing Pink Floyd songs, me being on drums. Turning to my left I noticed someone looking at me through a tiny window but they disappeared quite quickly. I realised that it was a girl I went to school with a few years ago and that she was sat on someones shoulders to look through this window at the concert. The concert turned into the after party where me, all the bandmates and someone famous (who I can't quite picture) were smoking some sort of drug.

    I don't remember any more of the party but I then woke up in a wardrobe covered in clothes, beer bottles etc. Getting up I realised my house had been wrecked from the party, my 6 year old cousin was waking me up, telling me it was time to go, I followed her to an airport terminal where we started listening to the radio with my Dad. For an unknown reason I changed my mind about going on holiday with them and left, trying to walk home only to find I didn't know the way. Getting lost in the woods near where my dad lives, I bumped into two friends from primary school who took me back to their house where they needed help laying cement in their front garden.

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