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    , 01-09-2012 at 04:14 PM (737 Views)
    I've been recalling more and more dream fragments since starting lucid dreaming and I do write them all down on paper but as most of them are just stuttered sentences of what I remember I don't feel like writing them all up on here too. But I had quite an interesting dream last night.

    I was sat in a large grassy field late at night, soft rain falling constantly. Although I knew it was a field, I couldn't really see it because it was full, to the brim, with people sat on the ground. We were all waiting for busses to leave, I think the notion was that I was leaving a festival. Me and a few friends were sat together on the wet ground trying to talk over the ambient sounds of a thousand other conversations.

    Somebody tapped me on the shoulder, I turned to face the person and they offered me some sweets but as I turned back there was now a small building amongst the crowd in front of me, it's door was open, shedding a yellow light across the crowd. A voice called for me from inside. I got up off the ground and made my way through all the seated people and entered the building. Once I was inside I realised the building was bigger than I had first though, the ceiling was low and the whole room was at a slight angle. The room I entered was a part of a surgery, complete with operating table but I could also see past that was a sort of living room type area with grand leather sofas and bookshelves. A few patients were sat around quietly, reading magazines/books, watching TV etc.

    I turned my attention to the person who had called me in, she was obviously a surgeon judging by her clothing. Then I realised it was a character from Being Human called Nina, who is a doctor on the show. She told me I had to have an operation as something was wrong with my breathing, I laid back onto the operating table and they put an oxygen mask over my face. My vision started going grey, everything around me was fading away until my vision was completely grey. As that was happening, I was thinking about how I could try and do a lucid dream while under the knife.

    The dream continued after that but I don't remember the rest as well. I woke up from the operation and went over to the leather sofas in the other room but that's about all I can recall.

    Thought that was interesting enough to share. It's very clear to me that the dream was inspired by the book I was reading before I fell asleep last night, Never Let Me Go. If you've read it, you'll know what I mean.

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