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    by , 07-19-2019 at 05:50 PM (161 Views)
    Dream 1: I am at my grandma's house.
    Ima skip out on details but I have sex wuth someone I don't know

    Dream 2: this dream has a fantasy game like feel to it. I am doing task for a king to unlock something. I think It was a dragon. This dream has a very big plot, I'm trying to rescue a kingdom by doing many different task.

    I choose the task by looking st a wall that shows them. Many of them are scary or weird. At one point I am observing a very small dragon(think of a very small Chinese dragon.)

    I think there was something else but I forgot.

    Dream 3: once again I'm inside of apex legends. I spawn in a town. I believe I was supposed to kill people to help someone do something.

    All of my team members were dead and I fight many teams with a R-301. At some point I am running through a forest to get to another town.

    Once again I feel closer to getting a lucid. Right now since I'm a beginner, every lucid counts. So I will list off when I feel I'm about to have a lucid. I'm sure once I'm a veteran I will not have to do that

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