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    by , 08-04-2019 at 07:26 PM (97 Views)
    Dream 1: a dream where my throat is very itchy and uncomfortable. I think I'm sick and search online for a remedy.

    After that me and my friend go outside
    (this dream takes place at some weird version of my grandma's house). We enter what I think is a road. The whole town is different from waking life so I dont know where I'm going.

    Eventually me and him find a boat. We climb on and go. Th inside of this boat must be much bigger then from the outside because inside is a small casino.

    My friend has an idea. He opens a cooler and gets some beer. We run thinking we did a bad thing.

    He gets some root beer cans and says that we need to drink to about 1/5 of it.

    I get home by the end of all of that. I proceed to go ok the backside of the house and drink. It was very sweet and tasty

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