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    by , 08-06-2019 at 04:10 PM (75 Views)
    Dream 1: I had another dream where I was playing the Last of us. Thist time I'm not inside the game. My dad is watching me play and we're conversating about something.

    The game has a weird feature now where sometime in the round players can vote for something. For example all players get some parts. Or other effects. Some weird. This game was very weird. Most of it took part in the house on the left side of the map Bill's town.

    I dont remember too much. But I remember that I could actually talk to the enemy team
    (the dream kept on changing the pov I kept switching from in the game to playing outside of it.)

    I dont have time to explain the whole dream. But at one point I get off the game and notice it is 1 am. So I tell my dad I'm going to sleep. I go to the kitchen and see something that looks really yummy cooking. I also eat a sugar cookie.

    Fragment: I remember that I did a RC at one point. But it wouldn't work so I continued on with whatever happens

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