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    Another boring but significant lucid dream

    by , 08-09-2019 at 03:38 PM (128 Views)
    Lucid 1: pin this dream I believe all of my friends are travelling the world. I am walking in a very big store of sorts. And I see someone I know. I forget who it was. I do the same thing and everytime we're excited.

    Eventually I see another close friend. Let's call her Jay. I'm super excited to see her. I run up to her and give her a hug. Her father who I'd just a random man I dont remember. Says he has a trick to show me. I don't remember it or know if he did anything.

    The scene cuts, and I'm in some type of gym with all of the people I saw at the store. I forget what happens next. But at a certain point I become lucid.

    I'm face down on the floor
    (I think this is the reason why, being face down on the floor gave me only a single thing to focus on, and in return I focus more on my body.) While I was on the floor I notice that I'm breathing out of my nose way too fluidly.

    I do the nose pinch RC and become lucid.

    In my head I was going damn i can't believe it.

    I completely forget about what's going on around me and stop. I try to remember my goal. I actually do! I want to summon a dream guide for the first time.

    I start walking. I see a pair of double doors. I walk through them and there's another room. I see another pair of doors and walk through them. I am in an identical room. I do this 3 more times until finally I'm in a different room.

    I can see outside, it has glass doors. I walk in and I see a DC setting down groceries, there's a very big pile of them. I decide I want to try and wat a cupcake. I've wanted to eat something in a LD for a while now.

    I take it and exit the school. The scenery was normal but at least it didnt have an empty feeling like the last LD.

    As I am walking I come across a hill. For some reason I want to summon a school.

    I turn around and say "there's a school behind me." I just knew there was. It felt natural.

    I turn around once more. And there's the school. Too bad it's super small. I was sure that only one person can fit inside. It was also a very old fashioned school. I try to increase the size and it only slightly works.

    Eventually I just forget about the school and start walking down a street. I'm pretty sure I'm not lucid at this point.

    There are people hitting these sandy objects. As I get to the end of the street I see a boy holding a two slimmed carrot. I forget the test.

    This lucid dream was also very boring. But there's teo great things. First is that I remembered my goal, secondly my lucid dreams seem to be getting more frequent and detailed. My guess is that they're boring because I'm getting a lot less sleep.

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