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    Attack on titan

    by , 07-31-2019 at 07:10 AM (112 Views)
    Dream 1: I have a dream based on the anime attack on titan.

    I lost my leg in an accident and it won't come back, I'm in a team with some other people, we go walking through this building, some reason I found it way to had to walk on one leg. It was super hard to even get on a n elevator so I have to restart multiple times.

    After a while of that, I finally get on and follow everyone. We are led into a field, we walk on for a while and I struggle to walk.

    As we are walking I am talking to this supposedly evil girl, I dont remember what we said.

    Eventually the group is supposed to split up. I go with two others to patrol for titans. I complain to our commander but I still have to go. The scene cuts and I'm on top of a giant wall.

    I forget the rest. Except I found a titan and became a titan then fought it. I found 2 more and killed those. I also found a sentient vine.

    Dream 2: this dream was confusing and I've been up too long. So here are the key parts.

    I go through a chamber of the mind. "The elevator to ones inner self"

    I have a girlfriend that I know in waking life. The dream goes on and eventually my girlfriend is a completely different person

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