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    Close to getting lucid

    by , 07-28-2019 at 06:12 AM (62 Views)
    Dream 1: I forget when this dream starts, but I'm some sort of supermarket. Me and my mother are walking around and we go to the upper left side of the store. Apparently there's some sort of therapist In the store.

    We start talking about my friend S, I tell her about how she's horrible at relationships. After talking for a while she ask me what I'm thinking of doing. I tell her nothing. She gives a slight sigh and says "no, you need to teach her to lucid dream!" Super enthusiastically.

    I give her a loud high five and then I think of reality checking, after about 2 seconds I decide not to. I don't know why. I think I forgot.

    We say our goodbyes to the therapist, and me and my mom continue walking through the store. Now I'm shirtless too.

    We leave the store to see people packing the streets. They're all buff people on workout mats. I have my own workout mat and I get on it. I don't remember the rest.

    I remember four other non-lucids, but they're too confusing and I've been up too long to remember.

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