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    A confusing and weird dream

    by , 07-12-2019 at 04:26 PM (154 Views)
    Dream 1: this was a weird but big dream. Almost like watching a movie.

    I'm in school or, I'm watching someone in school
    (it'a like I'm someone else or i'm Watching someone else. I'm in math class with my old science teacher(this is all in my old school, but it looks different) for some reason she makes a leader of a group of five children.

    She gives us a math question that I get wrong. But a person in my group gets right. I say I thought the solution was one 3rd for a female, not one half. After that class is dismissed, and we go to lunch.

    In lunch I have a conversation, heart to heart with principle. We talk about how everyone is different and have a personal life. Even if they seem like the average Joe.
    I eventually go and some large kid comes up to me and ask for something. I just stare up at him and say nothing. He eventually just disappears.

    The scene cuts and I am at a friends house. She's doing sexual stuff with her boyfriend. And they are on the bunk under me and some other dude. On the top bunk of the bed it turns into another room basically.

    I go to the bathroom, where my dog pee's so much it floods the bottom layer of the bath room. The pee looke a lot like oil.

    My friends mother, is apparently there. And doesn't mind. She says she'll call someone to come clean it up.

    Dream cuts. And I'm now outside the house. With my friend. This is where it gets confusing.

    He finds out that I'm a mutation master. Which I don't k own what it exactly is but they are very powerful.

    He and I eventually become friends at the spot. And I show him what it means to be a mutation master. He eventually picks up on it. And destroys a car with his palm.

    He then try's to turn me Insane by forcing some words into my head. Thousands and thousands of times. Same words being repeated in a creepy voice.

    It eventually stops and I go to him. He says he didn'y expect me to survive. And we have a monologue. Eventually we are back outside and he steals a truck. And decides to go away.

    I grab on to the back of the truck and he taunts me saying I won't survive. The truck starts flying at high speeds. And I feel it. My body feels like it's getting pulled apart. But i persevere. We eventually land next to a forest. Where my sister is.

    He lands in a patch of flowers and looks entirely different. He's struggling. In pain. And he can't move. I know what' happening. He'a having a backlash. He's not compatible enough to be a mutation master.

    I pull some electronic device out from his skin. And he is very thankful.

    Near the end I just run away super fast in then fly.

    After all of this. It shows some type of leaderboard, everyone is in the fifteen thousands or less. But one person is at 2 million. It shows time going forward and me going up the leaderboard. Eventually surpassing 2.3 million mutations.

    After this there is a scene of a young adult with a purple head and a weird shaped body. Talking to himself. He the proceeds to kill some terrorists.

    I honestly did not get this dream at all. It's the only one I can remember

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