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    Horrible asthma but okay recall

    by , 07-23-2019 at 06:13 PM (42 Views)
    I did wbtb once again last night. I got closer and I recall more dreams.
    Dream 1: a friend and I are talking and suddenly we start dating. I go to her house. Which in the dream she lives in a small hotel, she's in one of the rooms in the 400's.

    For the remainder of the dream we just sleep together. Things get pretty saucy at one point

    Fragment 1: I am in a very big building with many other people. We're doing something i don't remember. Maybe with cars.

    Dream 2: me and some others are taking a class of some kind. In the class we compare two things and get points for the more details we notice.

    We do this twice. I can't quite remember the 1st one. I believe it was over gravity and something else. The second one is the only one I participate in. It's over the differences of a robot vs a person made from millions of different robots/nanotechnology.

    Our teacher which I notice is a fairly small and young looking women, tells us how this works and what we're trying to do.

    The first thing I look at is the robot. It had kink in it's neck that was open and exposed showing many different wires. In a way he looks depressed. Though the whole class know that both of these human/robot variants aren't alive.

    The human made from nanotechnology is extremly weird. His head is very big but his limbs are all small and frail. He is getting held up by another machine which makes the whole thing look even weirder. I had to stare at it for a bit to get what the hell I was seeing.

    In all honesty his head looked a lot like thanos lol. The dream goes on and class ends. We are to draw the details we noticed and the robots. I tell our teacher/guide(she have me a weird feeling. Kind of like she's not like other DC's I can't tell. I hope I'm getting closer to finding my dream guide/guides) after all that(I never drew anything) class is dismissed. But I'm hungry. Me and my friend find a microwave nearby and pop bags of popcorn. I accidently opened the first bag but popped it anyways. You'd think popcorn would fly everywhere but the bag stayed normal.

    My friend try's to put his bag on top of mine but I take mine out. Dream ends here.

    I'm getting closer to pulling off FILD. I'm going to try one more time today, after today I'll give myself a full night's sleep without doing wbtb(I did twice today). I want to experiment with FILD and SSILD. I am thinking there may be a way to combine them. But I will save that for when I'm much better at LD's

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