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    important mall, weird hamster/guinea pig

    by , 07-10-2019 at 02:19 PM (159 Views)
    Dream 1: I don't remember the beginning of this dream, but i teleport to another town from my grandma's.
    This town is full of dc's. Well I'm looking on my phone and a pull up a map. As me and my brother are walking around.

    After traveling on a trail in the forest. I find some kind of wolf den on my map, and I tell my brother. He's telling me there's definitely no wolf den there
    (There's a stone platform near the dock with a small wooden bridge leading to another platform.) I jump to the platform ancross the bridge, and there it is. The so called wolf den. In actuality it had stray dogs. I pet one for a while.

    Then I see a hamster. I look at it. Then it says something. Yeah it talked. I was a little surprised at first, but I got over it. I take it too a nearby bench, and talk from it. Apparently it's from a tribe of bloodthirsty war hamsters and it ran away. Well I show my brother. He's amazed hen the hamster says hi.

    We are back too my grandma's house. I'm having a very quiet conversation with the hamster. About what we should do. I say it can stay here. It seemed really hesitant, but in the end it agrees to stay there. Eventually everyone finds out the hamster can talk. Then the dream fades out

    Dream 2: I'm traveling around in a big city full of dc's and enter a building. It's like a mall of some sort. I enter an area and there's several different sections. The biggest section is a wide area full of gemstones on display. They are all magical and have different effects.

    I notice the ones at the back are more pure. The whole time I am looking around. I'm trying to be careful as to not hit anything, because the cheapest gems cost 300 dollars

    Dream 3: I don't know if this is a continuation of dream 2, but it's similar. It's starts out in the restaurant section of this mall, I get a cheese enchilada and something, that I couldn't quite pronounce(while I was trying so hard to pronounce it, I had others go in front of me. So they could order). I don't remember eating everything. I remember after that, that I enter a small room full of weapons. I'm eyeing this magical great axe. Thing is, is that it requires 18 strength. I only have 14. Luckily I already have clothes that will bring my strength up too 18.

    I remember that I bought the axe just I don't know for how much. This axe looked cool as hell. with a magical purple fog surrounding it.

    I feel a connection to this mall. With a few changes and additions. I feel I could make this a recurring location. One that could also make me lucid. I didn't get a lucid for my birthday as I wished for. But I found something that means a lot too me. So honestly. I don't mind. I'm going to see if I can visit this mall for a while in my dreams. If so I will try to start recognizing it as a dream sign. Or maybe I'll start now.

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