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    Inside of my favorite game

    by , 07-16-2019 at 02:10 PM (112 Views)
    I know I had many dreams this night, but as I'm fixing my schedule I still have poor recall. Many things I remember are just little pieces that i can't put into anything tangible.

    Dream 1: once again I'm inside a game. One of my favorite games. Which is the last of us. I'm on the map checkpoint.

    As I start playing I notice the map is different from usual. I also had a point where I found shotgun ammo even though I didn't have one. And I also found a military sniper and used it.

    I played two rounds In total. Both i did what I usually do and shived people. I had a shorty and I think a burst rifle
    (my actual shiv class has the enforcer) I have many moments where my shiv is stolen by someone shooting the enemy.

    Another thing is that you can speak to the enemy. I've had moments where I've said sorry. And other things I don't remember

    I've had so many dreams where I'm inside a dream. But I have no idea on how I should become lucid from them. Does anyone have any advice for that? Like should I think of it as virtual reality and RC everytime I see or think of being in it or?

    Also I've been feeling that I'm getting close to lucidity again

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