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    Lucid? Close but not

    by , 07-17-2019 at 02:24 PM (143 Views)
    I can't tell if I was lucid or if I had a dream about lucid dreaming.

    Dream 1: this was a very long feeling dream. I am on the bbn couch watching a video that was scary. I am surfing dreamviews. And I come across a tutorial. It was a very mysterious and weird. I think it was a technique that uses spirit. Guides as a gateway to lucidity. But I can't recall.

    I'm pretty sure this dream had a horror aspect to it. Because I remember seeing something scary, something trying to kill me.

    The tutorial. Is very long and it uses her dreams
    (the creator) as examples. Well as I read those I notice that she has two spirit guides or whatever they were. After all of that I fall asleep.

    In my dream I become"lucid" but I think It was a dream about lucid dreaming. It just didn't have that lucid feeling. (I can't remember the dream I just know i became "lucid" in it

    Dream 2: I remember a dream but it's too long to write it all down. But basically my brother and i raid these sheds to get back at people

    Dream 3: I remember a dream where I was inside of the game apex legends as watson killing multiple teams. It was also very dramatic.

    Dream 4: I also had a dream where I find some very strong tape of many varieties because my brother failed to get it(and a weird weapon that uses it. I was confused because it had no stats). As we run from the killer we tape up the doors and hiding spots so it can't get to us.

    I remembered one other dream but I forgot it as I was typing it up, I'll see if I remember later today.

    Dreams today were really chaotic. I also forgot a lot of details for some reason.

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