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    some boring dreams

    by , 07-09-2019 at 02:33 PM (171 Views)
    Dream 1: I am in my house, looking at social media. This girl I just got in contact with blocks me, and some dudes start texting me and giving me shit.
    In waking life I did just start talking to an old friend. But there's no fight

    Dream 2: I'm playing a weird type of game. which looks to be a mix between the last of us and mine craft. It looks like minecraft. But The game play is a lot like the last of us. With no zombies. I'm inside the game and am playing with my sister and someone else. I'm looking every where for collectibles and my sister keeps on complaining saying it's taking too much time.

    Well later on through all the adventuring which I don't remember. We fight a boss. It is very weird boss fight. You had to shoot barrels from the top of a roof inside the building. There was this dude that got bigger every time you missed and he was filled to the brim with muscles. I don't get the fight at all but dream me does. For a while we do that and eventually kill him somehow. In certain points he got almost big enough to reach us. So I had to hide behind a wall so he can't grab me.
    I don't remember if there's any thing else to the dream, but the way to reach the end is to build a rocket and to leave.

    Dream 3: That old friend is doing a karate class, this is the second time i see my old teacher. Well this karate class everyone did nothing in multiple parts of the dream. And near the end the teacher is throwing a ball at my old friend. I help her out and join. Later the dream just fades out.

    I didn't expect too much for today. That head ache was a big set back it seems. I would love to do great in the competition but I don't know. I know for a fact I'm improving, in recall and vividness, and I'm learning how to get lucid better.

    But why be so pessimistic? This competition last for a whole month, I can and will redeem myself.
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