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    two slightly long dreams and maybe a lucid

    by , 08-14-2019 at 05:08 PM (169 Views)
    Dream 1:
    I dont remember much , but I'm pretty sure I was playing some sort of mystical game in the dream. I get off st some point and me and my dad talk. About dinner I'm pretty sure. After a awhile he takes me in a car ride and too a lobby.

    I don't remember much, but someone is insulting everyone in the lobby. My dad ignores it at first but he eventually gets irritated. He insults the dude back and he gets mad. Eventually they take it outside to have a rap battle of some sorts. I didnt see it before the dream ends

    Dream 2:
    I dont remember the beginning of the dream, but we're outside and there's one of those little play sets for little kids it was huge for a playset.

    In one part there are these extremely long monkey bars. I'm sitting near the monkey bars. There's a lot of people. I'm talking to this boy and girl. I dont remember much, but at one point she says she's too ugly.

    Eventually my mom comes and takes about germs for some reason and that we shouldn't share drinks.

    Eventually I get on the monkey bars but instead of the bars I get on the side of it. Like a long pole holding the bars. Eventually everyone is. It was pretty hard since the baes were so long.

    I'm pretty sure I had a dream with a brief moment of lucidity. I woke up at 5 am and went back to sleep after 5 minutes. I couldn't remember the dream. But I had a strong filling. It's a pity I can't remember.

    On the bright side. My friend has helped me get motivation to start mediation. I asked her to do it with me, and now I feel great. I think I can make meditation daily a thing.

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