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    My lucid comeback!

    As my interest for lucidity is reaching it's highest point after a long time I decided if I start again, I'll start good!

    1. The analysis [26/07/15]

      by , 07-26-2015 at 10:58 PM (My lucid comeback!)
      I'll start with the dreams and then I'll give a quick thought about my current status and progression regarding LDing.

      1. The escape

      I'm on the run from the police and have to leave everything behind, currently I'm traversing through France and have to make my way to England because for some reason I'm safe there.
      Most of the dream is walking/running around/away and the only scene I can remember is some sort of harbor area, very clean and empty with a large ship-like object that I have to go over but really it's all very blurry.

      2. Pick your poison

      I'm playing some sort of game and reached the end level, which seems to be a storage area with warehouses and such. I can choose from two types of bosses. While one boss probably is already hard I decided out of curiousity to pick them both, one boss that stormed out of a warehouse was a green dragon which doesn't play a major role in the dream. The other boss however is kinda creepy, a large man with a mask I think that looks like a butcher slowly walks towards me, I run away and make some distance but he keeps following me very relaxed and I start getting nervous. I enter a garage and decide to put up an ambush using some tools and machines around, I try to lure him into a trap in which two walls with spikes close in on each other, and while the trap is succesfull it only takes his 'health' down very little.

      3. I don't even know

      Reading over my notes I for once can't actually recall the dream itself so I'll leave the keywords that I dotted down so you can maybe give it a try:

      Exam, Retry, Bathroom, Second part

      As you might've noticed my recall lately has been EXTREMELY VOLATILE, one night I almost had the best recall I ever recorded and the next it was zero. This has happened several times now and I've never had this problem before. First, I decided to stop the DEILD alarm for now in hopes of archieving a steady recall and considering my main induction technique used to be DEILD/WILD I'll have to find other ways of waking up before a REM-cycle to archieve lucidity.

      But I'm affraid simply stopping an alarm won't suffice, the roots of the problem are burried much, much deeper. The very mentality itself.
      It's dark, the little candle flame that represented my motivation and imagination when I started this LD-session again is unfortunatly extinguished, in the past when I had steady recall over multiple weeks and although it was a short period I had frequent LDs, it was back then when that little flame was a raging fire of excitement.
      I honestly don't know how to solve this and hope it is something that solves itself, I think the main reason I was so excited back then was the fact I discovered something new, had very little free time and saw results but right now I lack all of these things, or rather have them in abundance like free time. Thoughout the day I don't really care about dreaming nor do I think about it so really, it is my mentality.

      The only cure I could think of is having an LD just like that, spontanious DILDs are what usually attract people to the practice of lucid dreaming and it's exactly what I need now.
    2. Still nothing... [25/07/15]

      by , 07-26-2015 at 10:37 PM (My lucid comeback!)
      As far as I can say, maybe a distant dream-fragment but it's too blurry so it could actually be a thought that I had when I woke up.
    3. No recall [24/07/15]

      by , 07-26-2015 at 10:36 PM (My lucid comeback!)
    4. A lot of hidden meanings in this one. [23/07/15]

      by , 07-23-2015 at 03:25 PM (My lucid comeback!)
      Second night with, what I can describe as an abundance of dreams which I'm content with. I woke up a first time at 05:20 and decided at that moment to cancel the DEILD alarm set at 07:00. I think the main reason why I could remember all of the dreams for those wondering, I just spend over half an hour after I was awake just laying in bed and repeating all the scenarios over and over in my head to remember as much as possible when I start writing down. And even then I think I lost atleast one dream, the last one in the process of writing cause it took over 10 minutes dotting down the key-words.

      1. The burial

      I'm looking over a strategic map of what I think is scandinavia during the middle ages and it feels as if I'm the king of small country up north that is quite isolated from the rest of the world. Suddenly I'm outside in a brutally cold norse landscape near the rough sea on some hills. The land looks barren with only poor grass covering the almost moon-like earth. A peasant has died and I'm the one and only person attending his burial here in the middle of nowhere, although I'm a king and he's a peasant I feel deeply sad for the man who looks to be still quite young but has been dead for a while. I think his corpse has only been found after a long period but the cold climate turned him into a mummy and thus preserved his humanlike look.

      I feel a lot of respect for him and there in the middle of nowhere with just me and him I decide to honour his death as good as I can, suddenly I see a grave and the corpse seems to have teleported in it. I grab the man's hands and put them on his chest, creating a bowl-like shape with his hands. Then I grab a green apple and put it in his hands, thinking about how a tree will grow in many years at this place. Suddenly I notice how the apple has been put in a small wooden structure that is now carried by the hands of the corpse and at that point I decide to close the grave.

      2. The Italian isolation

      I'm in a large hotel room alone, somewhere in Italy, we're on a school trip and it's already quite late, I'm busy unpacking my bags and settling in while also hurrying cause everyone is already out of the hotel enjoying the nightlife I guess and I don't want to miss it. I change my clothing and put on my expensive pants from Boss, when I notice that somehow a lot of the jeans fabric has been torn away and it has uncovered the orange looking fabric underneath, I decide that this is unacceptable and I can't leave like this. Feeling quite alone I find a note on my bag from a girl but I forgot what it said, suddenly my sister is there asking me what's wrong. From this point the dream gets blurry and I can't remember much but I think I went into the hotel lobby and played some pool with myself.

      3. WHERE IS IT!?!

      I'm sitting in a study or library, my world isn't much larger than the desk I'm sitting at, so the location is unknown, I see a lot of paper lying around and maps, different parts of the world mapped out in detail. When I examine one for some reason I know it's the coastline of Puerto Rico, then I notice a white dot moving around slowly in the sea, it stops and leaves a large cross somewhere infront of the coast. I didn't think much of it and went through the other files studying them for no reason when an old teacher who gave German at my school comes towards me and asks me where the submarine is. She seems very angry and annoyed with my lack of knowledge about her request, she screams again asking where it sank. At that point I realised she wanted the map with the white dot! I start quickly searching through the stacks of paper but can't find it, it seems almost like it vanished from reality completly!
      She becomes more and mores enraged the longer it takes and after a while I start breaking down shouting it's near the coastline of Puerto rica! She just won't stop screaming and it goes on like that until the dream ends.

      4. Mission failed

      I'm playing a game in which you have to infiltrate houses and spy on people or something but quickly the perspective changes and the person entering the house is me. Suprisingly I'm infiltrating my own house, but it seems now a couple lives there who are into a gang, I heard the name blood-gang somewhere in the briefing. It's the first mission of 'the game' and actually a tutorial so I'm very relaxed and don't worry cause it's a game after all, yet I'm there like for real. My mission is to instal a number of Phone-taps in wires running along a wall in several places of the house. I'm just looking around when I notice a timer in the corner of my eyes displaying I have 20 seconds left to put up all the devices before the inhabitants come home. I start running around in panick searching for the wires and succefully tap one in the bedroom, then I go down and find another in the kitchen, in the haste I have to kick a box out of the way. I can't finish the tap and hide under a table, IRL you should easily see me but for some reason it worked.

      The woman came in first and put the box that I kicked out of the way back in it's place without much thinking and she just walked around, it seemed like normal behaviour for me but thinking about it now, it seemed robotic. I move around under the table to make sure she doesn't spot me, I decide to escape and begin with stunning her using a non-lethal ammo called sticky shocker which acts like a tazer and should just stun her so I can run away but somehow, it killed her.
      I'm shocked (pun intented) to see what happened and when other people come in the dream ends.

      5. The American redneck-land

      I'm running away from a house (may be the one from previous dream) somewhere in a very rural area, the buildings are very sparse and large open fields dominate the landscape as well as a large lake. I get in a jeep and start driving around fast with no real purpose other than just leaving this place. After racing over some hills in the end I almost make a large circle and end up far away from the house I first ran away from but I could've been much further away at this point, had I gone in a straight line. Anyway, behind a hill I pass two houses from which I hear redneck music coming and the houses look very poor. I go on further and get out of the car, walking towards a larger looking farm house a woman comes out with a rifle and tells me to back of which I do and I walk towards a large lake which seems to stretch to almost infinity. There's a pier extending more than a 100 meters out into the lake.
      Out of nowhere there's a party going on and I have to throw a peeled egg at a large unpeeled egg and somehow break it, of course the small egg just bounces of it and we keep trying until we decide to throw it up in the sky and somehow we manage to throw it up so hard that it reaches space. Shortly after the egg comes crashing down and lands in the water where it is fished up by a guy in a small kano. Then everyone goes nuts and it's a massive redneck party!

      6. The return to Venice

      I'm walking around in a mediėval looking city with my mother and wonder where exactly I am, she tells me we're in Venice but I don't believe her because I had been there months ago with the school trip (IRL), then we come accross a fountain in which I threw a coin back when I was here with school and the fountain didn't have any water in it. Unlike then it was now completely filled so I believed we were back. We find the rest of our family and I feel very tired, we're heading for the airport a day early because it's 'better that way' I think my father said.
      I found the fact we came with an airplane weird cause we all hate flying and Italy ain't that far away so we could've used a car but then I rembered shards about us arriving in Italy using an airplane.

      7. Hard landing

      I'm in the cockpit of an airplane, it's a small and old passenger airplane that's about to land on an extremely small airport that has a weird runway that has a bridge and a lot of bumbs in it. After multiple attempts of me landing the plane but every time not being lined up with the runway I just say fuck it and bring it down. After a lot of fumbling around with the control I nearly land the airplane verticaly on it's wheel and we land with a large bang but that's it. Another person in the cockpit tells me it was a hard landing but a landing after all.

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    5. The urban fear [22/07/15]

      by , 07-23-2015 at 02:07 PM (My lucid comeback!)
      Sorry to put this one up a day late but yesterday I totally forgot about it so today we have extra work putting this entry up as well as the next, both are quite long so let's get right into it.

      1. Better late than never

      I enter a large room that is supported by multiple pillars scattered around, most of the structure is made of smooth concrete and it all has a bunker-feel to it. Lighting is limited to area's where people are seated making their entry-exam, I'm late and very stressed when one of the supervisors who looks annoyed leads me to my place. I begin filling in the exam like a maniac to make up for the time I lost and notice just how dark most of the room is, we're seated in the middle of this large space but you can't actually see the walls because it's pitch black around us. Most of the exam itself I don't remember but in the end I thought I had a slim chance of passing but was going with the mindset that I failed. (Which is how I left the exam IRL.)

      2. Dangerous homework

      I've just arrived home after what feels like a long day and I'm very tired but have to do some homework, the weather is grey and I think it's raining or atleast starting too, it's also slowly starting to become dark outside.
      I make my way to my bedroom where I sit at a desk placed against the wall with the two windows to become unloading my books. (IRL there aren't any desks in my bedroom, only in my sister's, but looking at my room now a desk might not be so bad actually...)
      I notice there's a couple of strange, small plants in little pots placed infront of my windows, when I try to touch them they act aggressive and try to bite me, like flesh eating plants. For my homework I have to somehow study these plants but I'm wondering how I'll even begin without losing a finger!

      3. Dark film

      I'm in a cinema of some sorts and the film I'm watching is very dark, blurry and I can't remember any details but I know it was horror-like and played itself in a weird dirty city.

      4. City of the future

      While I know New York city has some large sky-scrapers the city I was driving around in this dream had some mindblowingly large and tall structures. I spend the majority of the dream just driving around and looking up in complete awe as one building is even higher than the one before, and worst of all is the architecture. A lot of buildings have parts that stick out from the main tower and hang there in mid air, the size of those parts were impossible for the main tower to support and I had this sick feeling in my gut as if you're standing on a really high place but instead it was because I expected everything to collaps at any moment. The whole city had this sci-fi steampunk feeling to it, very Industrial yet most of the buildings had offices I guess.

      5. Pawn shop

      Me and a girl that I seem to know in the dream but one that I've never seen IRL enter a shop going down some stairs, it's a murky and rather suspicious looking place but I'm not too worried about it. It's very small, considering the shop is located in the basement of the building it doesn't have any windows and the only way out is the one we used to enter the shop. We wait at the cash register and I notice a small man the size of a dwarf who seems to be walking on his feet but doesn't have any legs, his feet seem glued directly to his torso. Then like an accordeon the man grows and his legs fold out between his feet and torso, the girl I'm with tells me it's a magic trick. After she says that and I take a better look at the man he has a tophat and a black cloak and looks like a magician. Eventually a man shows up at the register and asks us what we need, the girl responds that I need something to relieve myself, notice how she said this in a very sensual tone, I couldn' help but feel slightly attracted to her. In an attempt to play the smooth guy and get her attention I saw some dildo's back in the corner I told if she need anything to be 'relieved', she didn't understand and I acted like it was nothing.
    6. Nothing yet... [21/07/15]

      by , 07-21-2015 at 09:43 PM (My lucid comeback!)
      Second night of zero recall, I guess it's stil because of the DEILD Alarm that fragments my sleep and hopefully I'll somehow adjust soon.
    7. The dip. [20/07/15]

      by , 07-20-2015 at 09:44 PM (My lucid comeback!)
      I decided to start my DEILD alarm, after six months of using a single alarm and thus having one long uninterupted night of sleep my body needs to get used to the split up sleep shedule I'll use for LDing. This meant that I'm almost completely certain that last night I did't have any REM-cycles and also no dreams.

      I woke up with zero DR so there's not much else to be said.

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    8. DR leap. [19/07/15]

      by , 07-19-2015 at 11:13 PM (My lucid comeback!)
      It seems that we've made quite a leap last night regarding DR, in the end I was able to note down a total of 6 dreams!
      This means that my DR, if it remains stable with atleast 4 dreams a night we can soon start practising some induction techniques, I never really thought it to be very effective to try and have LDs right away when you don't have sufficient DR yet.

      1. The exam

      I'm in my old schools canteen with most of the other students in their last year, it's exam which isn't that uncommon to take place in the canteen. However this isn't a normal exam from the school itself, it is the entrance exam I talked about in my 'welcome back' post. Once it's over I meet up outside infront of the canteen with some of my classmates who talk about how difficult it was but somehow I already know my results and I've passed. Then it starts raining and I walk home with a girl I know from school but don't really have (had) any interaction with.

      2. Secret factory

      I'm aproaching an Industrial looking building which turns out to be a garage or factory of some sorts, there's a lot of workmen around and I know this area is actually restricted for me but for some reason I have to be there for something important, you could say I'm some sort of spy.
      In the beginning I don't actually try to sneak around I just walk through a large open room where men are working and nobody seems to notice me, then again I just look like any other person so I'm not too worried about them getting suspicious yet. Then the dream jumps forward and I'm sneaking around avoiding to be seen by anyone. I think I'm eventually cornered which causes the dream to go blury and skip to the next one.

      3. Lost at sea

      I'm in a rowing boat in the middle of the ocean, in the boat itself are besides me a few wooden boxes and a paddle which I use to navigate.
      It doesn't take long before it starts raining, at first I'm not too worried about it and just sea the ocean surface rippling from the rain but then I notice my boat is filling up with water from said rain. I try to scoop it out using a muck that floated around in the boat itself but it's too late and the front of the boat starts to lower under the ocean level and the whole thing just sinks. I panick for a bit and jump out and somehow quickly turn the thing around which makes all the water fall out and I'm good again!

      4. NOT Interstellar

      I'm watching some kind of film which seems very similar to IRL Interstellar, only the space ship is much smaller and there are 6 crew members instead of 4. And the main protagonist is a woman instead of Matthew McConaughey. The space ship falls into a wormhole but the whole experience and special effects are not nearly as good as in the real film, it all feels a bit dull and low budget.

      5. Contraband

      I'm working with two dudes who drive a truck and they want to smuggle two small packages, the packages are not heavy and quite small, about the size and mass of the average cat. We try to hide them on the most stupid places, like on the roof of the truck or the side almost in plain sight. The duane quickly spots it every time but gives us some sort of second chance with a small warning and we try again. Then one of the packages is placed on top of the cabin which for some reason is a bad spot and I have to take it off there while we're driving. So I'm Climbing along the side of the truck which is shaking violently back and forward and nearly fall off, then I manage to place my food just above the wheel when suddenly the dream ends.

      6. The dive

      I'm with my family driving somewhere in Brazil on a road that runs along the shore line on an extremely high cliff, it's at the very least a 100 meter drop straight down to the water. After some time when we make a curve I climb on the roof of the car and jump into the depth, just like that!
      After a while I splash down just next to a tiny Island that has palm trees on it, I swim towards it but I'm picked up by a police boat and taken to prison.
      There I somehow know that I'm facing a 6 month sentence and my family comes and visits me with cake.

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    9. The second mystery item! [18/07/15]

      by , 07-18-2015 at 09:10 PM (My lucid comeback!)
      After yesterday's amazing cigar which holds secrets beyond anyone's wildest dreams, today we're faced with yet another discovery straight from the depths of my mind!

      1. The pink pistol!

      I'm flying over a boreal forest somewhere in Siberia or Alaska and there's snow everywhere, under me fly two helicopter carrying a concrete house and a deserted church-like structure made out of wood, it seems very old in comparison to the house.
      The heli's drop the two buildings close to each other in the middle of the forest and at this point I'm also on the ground, around me I see a group of men, they appear to be woodcutters and it looks like they'll be staying here for a while because the two buildings will be used as an outpost.
      The men rebuild the damaged church at an amazing speed and before I know it the damaged walls are repaired.
      Inside the boss of the company resides and he tells me to take a look in a small wooden box against the wall on the left, there are no windows and the only light comes from torches.
      Inside the box I find two pink pistols wrapped in paper, one of them seems to be missing parts and thus isn't functional, the other seems decent although pink!
      Suddenly a small kid grabs the incomplete pink pistol and thinks it's a toy, before I can tell him he shouldn't play with that he already runs out and I follow him. While I'm approaching the main door I trying to holster my gun under my white jacket in my left pocket, it's quite difficult and I'm still busy by the time I'm outside.
      There I see one of my old teacher facing me and instantly she looks shocked to see me with a gun, I realise this and quickly tell her it's a fake gun and I'm playing a game with the kid, she seems to be convinced.

      2. A convention?

      I'm somewhere in a large concrete building with lots of corridors and empty looking rooms, there's a lot of people who are roughly the same age as me, I'm feeling very tired and look for a way out.
      Outside the sky is grey, it's cold and there's snow on the ground. I seem to be somewhere in a less urban part of the city as there aren't that many houses although it is very blury in the distance.
      I go through the building as the endless steam of people continues down in the same direction, I open a random door on my left and see it's an empty room that seemed to be a secondary checkpoint with ID-scanners leading to the main court yard. Eventually I follow the people group of people and arrive outside at the main entrance, I notice my dad has to pick me up but he isn't there yet so I call him, it's starting to get dark.
    10. Slow start [17/07/15]

      by , 07-17-2015 at 05:27 PM (My lucid comeback!)
      We seem to have a rather slow start, probably caused by going to bed way too late last night and actually forgetting to note down the dreams when I got up. I do remember one dream although barely but it'll have to do for now.

      1. What is this thing even?

      I'm walking around in some bazaar and feel as if I'm being followed, it is terribly crowded and just moving forward is a challenge. An old arabian man speaks to me and hands me a cigar, talking about how it is very important and may not be what it looks like. After a quick inspection I ask him if it's maybe some sort of codex or stamp but he shakes his head telling me I will find out soon.
      I think I went down some stairs into a weird interdimensional circus, there I find a lighter and spend probably 10 minutes wondering which end of the cigar should go in my mouth, eventually I decide to just lit up a random end and take my first bite/inhale/pull. (what verb do you use here?!)
      It doesn't really taste to anything, one thing to mention was when I inspected the cigar the Tobacco was icredibly dense which I think makes a cigar good quality, no?

      So there it is, after six months of radio silence I get a cigar, or something else! I will mention though I don't smoke IRL so it's weird that such things occur in my dreams.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. Look who's back!

      by , 07-16-2015 at 06:57 PM (My lucid comeback!)
      Where do I start?

      It's been over six months since the last time I've been fully active on this forum, and I actually have my reasons for it.
      You probably won't have noticed this, atleast I hope so cause if you did then that would mean you're stalking me or something, but anyways! The last six months was a period spanning from my midterm exams to my last exams at high school, I succeeded in all these wonderfully, nearly catching the award for physics but eventually ending on the second place. (still hurts but I can live with it...:tongue:)

      While for most students that meant the end of the school year and looking forward to university, I was... well let's say my education course has some EXTRA criteria in order to be allowed into university.
      The education I'm talking about is for people who want to become doctor or dentist, here in Belgium there's a special entry exam for that, kinda like you have these special universities in America and Great Britain you're not Always allowed into them.

      So what have I been doing for the last 4 weeks after High school ended?
      You guessed it, I spend nearly 24/7 studying like a lunatic and in the end I passed the exam... BARELY, like my score was 30/60 which is JUST enough to pass.

      Of the 5000 participants, 500 passed which shows how difficult it was and I'm glad I don't have to spend the remainder of the vacation studying for the second chance you get in August when you didn't pass in July.

      And now I'm here, with more than 3 months ahead of just free time until university comes up I think this is the period in which I'l become a fricking lucid god! The last lucid dream I had is I think still recorded in my DJ on the forum so you can see that it has been a long time since I've had one.
      I've learned being optimistic too often is not Always the best strategy to solving things so I'll just go into this with the mindset that I've lost ALL OF MY ABILITIES and my skill at lucid dreaming is like that of a noob.
      Some might be dissapointed with such a fall back, but I'm actually quite excited as this means I can once again embark on adventure!

      The end this message before it gets too long I want to say that my DR hasn't actually been that sh*t lately, I haven't noted them down but every morning I can remember about 3 of them so I'm not too worried about that.
      Anyway, see you tomorrow with fresh dreams and for those curious as to which profession I'd like to learn at university, I'm learning to become a dentist!:chuckle:
      memorable , side notes
    12. No dreams yet... [13/01/15]

      by , 01-13-2015 at 11:29 PM (My lucid comeback!)
      As the title says, I got a normal rest this night but I woke up with little to no dream-recall.
    13. Insomnia strikes! [12/01/15]

      by , 01-12-2015 at 10:45 PM (My lucid comeback!)
      I really don't have a lot to say in this one, for several reasons, of which I don't know any I just couldn't sleep last night. I think I finally fell away around 05:20 but I had to get up at 06:45 which simply isn't enough sleep to have any real REM-cycles at all.
      REM-deprivation is horrible and next day I could barely keep my eyes open but hey, the less you slept the night before the more you'll sleep now...
    14. A lot of water in this one... [11/01/15]

      by , 01-11-2015 at 03:45 PM (My lucid comeback!)
      Nothing special last night, until my DR is around 4 dreams/night I will start working on inducing them and maintaining my sleeping-shedule.

      1. The chase

      The dream starts with me descending down the stairs into the entrance hall of my house because something terrible happened. I'm very stressed and quickly find out it's all under water, 2 cats are trapped there so I don't hesitate and jump in right away. The water is very clear and light is still shining through the windows, under the stairs I see a small cage with in it one of the cats, the other already managed to get out and is now swimming around. I spend quite some time fiddling around with the lock and am suprised I'm stil able to hold my breath although I'm actually breathing again at this point but it doesn't feel like I'm drowning. Once the cage is open I smash one of the windows making the water rapidly flow out. And with that the two cats also flow out through the window on the street, they run away and I try following them so I can catch them. They're really fast and I quickly lose them, from that point on I ask people if they saw them running past, using their directions I resume my chase. I come across a WW1 bunker which seems very familiar to me as if I had been there before with a school-trip or something but IRL I never saw it. After some time I enter a park where I find them, I almost managed to grab one of them but they're stil to fast. They jump in the moat of a castle at which point I actually catch one of them, the other gets grabbed by someone from the castle and I feel as if his faith ain't pretty.

      2. Crazy water park

      It's summer and I'm at a water park, it has large swimming pools and the slides look dangerously fast, I decide to try out one of the slower slides. Next to that slide is what seems to be a scaffolding for a new slide, I climb on it and jump on a platform hold up by a rope 10 meters above the ground, it shakes a lot but seem to be having fun. Then a crane starts bashing the structure cause it to violently shake around and I stil seem to be enjoying the thrill of it. Eventually the rope breaks and I'm sent of flying 50 meters further up ahead actually landing outside the swimming-complex, I'm fine but have to walk quite a long road before I'm back. My family is angry for me doing such crazy things.

      3. New bathroom

      I'm home and have to go to the toilet, upon arriving upstairs because the toilet downstairs was already occupied I'm suprised to find it's a lot larger up here than usuall and we seem to have a secondary bathroom. I check it out and it looks very similar to the Original one except there is no dedicated shower room to the right, instead two showerheads hang above the two sinks aimed towards the middle of the bathroom next to the bath. The tiles are ceramic and there's a drain in the middle of the room, despite all of this I stil sit down on the toilet and do my business after which I decide to try out this new shower, it's very nice having to just stand in the middle of the room and let the water fall from the ceiling, I notice my mother is on the roof just outside repairing something and the curtain is open so I quickly close these before I'm seen. For some reason she knows I'm showering and is angry about it.

      The dreams themself weren't very interesting but I notice recall and vividness are improving, let's try LDing next night!
    15. Dark deals [10/01/15]

      by , 01-10-2015 at 11:23 PM (My lucid comeback!)
      As expected after a long time being the lazy sleeper I am, I managed to completly and utterly destroy my sleep-cycles, recall and what not. Oh well, you have to restart somewhere and I aim on having a first LD by the end of next week, quality doesn't matter but I'd prefer a WILD over a DILD. (Transition is half the fun... )

      1. Digging, Desert...

      I'm in the middle of a large desert, the sand is white, the sky is grey and it seems a storm is forming in the distance. My mother is there too but she doesn't seem to have an important role in the dream other than looking around. I, on the other hand am hard at work digging at seeminly random spots scattered around, searching for something valuable. I didn't find any treasure chests, only more sand and the dream faded away "peacefully".

      2. The most complex plan evaaaar!

      It seems like I did find something of value in last dream and I'm now in my school which is now used as some weird black-market office. I have a meeting with the big boss of the whole place to make a deal, I'm with some friends and they tell me I'm actually not allowed to be here so I'll have to disguise myself... as a granny.

      Anyway, the big boss is as stereotype as one can be, sunglasses, bling-bling and bad sarcastic jokes fly around my head as we sit down. The deal itself is kinda fuzzy but I remember that besides me having to look like an old lady I'm also supposed to be very very rich, these guys only want stuff from the high-class. Buuuuut then my cellphone which I didn't even knew was in my purge conveniently went off with a jazzy tune from the 80's. I try to mimic a suprised granny giggle but it sounds more like a horse, also my cellphone appears to be an extremely cheap Nokia which makes the boss suspicious as I should normally have an expensive IPhone or something. We leave the room and make our way to the staircase, as we go down I don't walk down the stairs but rather jump down from the top to the bottom which is something I seem to be doing more and more frequently in my dreams. At school I almost wanted to test out if I could do it IRL but after a second thought I decided against it, which is maybe the best option...
      When we're at the bottom I remember I forgot my coat so I go back and grab quickly it as I'm not allowed to be seen. Being the smart guy I decide to check the pockets of the coat in the middle of the corridor like nobody can see me here. Eventually a friend comes back and tells (shouts) me that we need to get the hell out of here quickly.

      *poof awake*

      First try 2 dreams ain't bad but ain't good either, they weren't very sharp either but I know myself and have confidence in my abilities.
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