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    Attempt at WILD

    by , 02-03-2014 at 03:56 AM (272 Views)
    Went to bed at 1:45 am, woke up around 10:40

    I've been trying to DILD for a while but I haven't had much success. However, my phone went off this morning and woke me up so I decided that it would be a good opportunity to try a WILD. I began by focusing on my breathing to relax my body; I counted each breath and imagined myself swaying back and fourth. I was so tired that after about three minutes of this, I fell asleep. Since I fell asleep so quickly I didn't reach lucidity, but I did recognize that I was dreaming.

    My dream began with my friend Mary and I running around in her basement trying to avoid a gorilla that was chasing us. We ran upstairs and left her house. Somehow, we ended up outside of Tim Horton's. We went inside and Mary ordered a cinnamon bun. After this, we went to a restaurant. I recognized the waiter as someone that I know in real life. It was my friend's older brother; I never talk to him so this was a dream sign. I instantaneously knew that I was dreaming. I told Mary that I was dreaming and I told other people around me. I didn't think to do any reality checks or anything..for some reason I never think to do them when I am dreaming. I started to get frustrated because I knew that I was dreaming but I wasn't lucid. I started saying to the waiter, "We don't talk in real life. You don't work here. I've never even seen this restaurant before. I'm dreaming." He agreed with me that I was dreaming and we laughed about it. But I still didn't think to do any RC's. After this I guess I just got so mad that I woke up.

    For my first attempt, I'm glad that I at least knew that I was dreaming. I'm mad that I didn't think to do any reality checks or look at my hands etc.

    Thanks for reading! I'm off to bed now

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