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    The Fourth Factor

    Apocalypse LOL

    by , 04-28-2018 at 10:39 PM (644 Views)
    In the dream, Im watching a film. I think I was watching it on a screen at first, but in the part I can remember well, Im just standing on scene, watching as events unfoldor, rather, fail to unfold, as this seems to be the kind of film where nothing much happens.

    The main (and only present) character, a man, is in a kind of apartment with a desk or a dresser that hes sitting at. There are no walls: I can see directly into the strange landscape beyond, where the horizon is dominated by mountain peaks, including two volcanoes. The action is divided into distinct segments, with each one ending anticlimactically. In the last one, the man calls his girlfriend on his cellphone, but nobody picks up. This seems to illustrate the unremitting futility of lifeor at least youd think it does, based on the dramatic treatment it gets.

    But once that comes to an end, all sorts of odd things start happening: a nearby pool of water starts to bubble, and one of the volcanoes erupts. Im now in the backseat of a car with several other people, trying to get somewhere safe. But then the other volcano, which is straight ahead of us, also begins to erupt, the bright magma spilling over the rim. The woman whos driving comments on it. I tell her shes got the name wrongshes thinking of the other volcano. The one ahead of us is Vesuvius. And then I start laughing because of course what matters in this situation is making sure we get the name of the volcano that kills us right.

    Im also laughing because Im fully aware of how ridiculous this geography is. I know none of this is real, and that makes it hilarious. As if in acknowledgement, all kinds of odd and impossible things are appearing out of nowhere around us, even as I watch. A gigantic man wearing a striped shirt materializes off to our left, over a large body of water. He steps from island to island, striding in the same direction our car is going. Im still laughing too hard to speak, and so its someone else in the car who says it: I found Waldo. They also seem to find the whole thing funny.

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    1. RelicWraith's Avatar
      Heheh, guess that nightmare didn't fool you one bit.
    2. LeaningKarst's Avatar
      Yeah, definitely. If I had more dreams like that, I'd probably manage to get lucid more often.