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    The Fourth Factor

    Been Here A Lot Lately

    by , 04-12-2018 at 02:42 AM (300 Views)
    I find myself walking down the staircase to the basement of my M--- house. It occurs to me that this is a place I only visit in dreamsóand so I must be dreaming right now.

    The room is dark, so I try to brighten it up a little bit by clapping as if the lighting there was the kind that responded to that. But that doesnít seem to help, and the visuals, though still vivid, have an indefinite quality to them that tells me the dream isnít very stable. I decide Iíll cut the visuals off altogether to stabilize it through other senses, but wake up firstóright around the time I ordinarily wake up, which explains the instability. I seem to have completely lost the ability to sleep in nowadays.

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    lucid , dream fragment