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    The Fourth Factor

    From Map to Territory

    by , 08-09-2018 at 04:11 AM (721 Views)
    In the earliest part of the dream I can remember, I'm reading a news article online. Itís about an odd discovery that was recently madeówhat seemed to be a fossilized person on a bicycle.

    I pull up a map website so that I can have a better idea of where the places Iím reading about are. It starts off as a map of Europeómore or less. The only major difference I can remember was seeing a series of small countries along the (more or less) Baltic Coast.

    The place Iím interested in is further west of that, around Luxembourg, I'd say. I zoom in until itís more like looking at a satellite map, and I can see the spot the story is talking about: a place in the woods where the grass gives way to gray rock, and in the rock, the figure of the cyclist can be clearly seen in profile, looking rather cartoonish.

    I look up and find Iím not looking at a screen on a computer anymore: Iím actually there in the forest. And thereís only one way thatís possible: Iím dreaming.

    The gray rock isnít there anymore. Thereís just forest in every directionódeciduous forest, with foliage that isnít so thick it blocks out the sunlight. I pick a direction and start walking, not having any particular goal in mind.

    The forest is quiet and still: there donít seem to be any animals around. The only notable feature of this place is the mushrooms I see growing in small groups among the undergrowth every few meters. Theyíre red with white spotsóobviously fly-agaric. I recall a recent discussion on DreamViews about hallucinogens in lucid dreams: what would happen if I ate one? Iíve never been curious enough to try it beforeóI wasnít even curious enough to read the thread, for that matteróbut here they are, and here I am. Guess Iím going to find out.

    I get down close to a group of them, pull a piece off a small one and put it in my mouth. But then I see that the mushrooms arenít mushrooms anymore: theyíre red flowers now, poppies by the looks of it. Still in an experimental frame of mind, I pull off some petals and chew on them. Theyíre completely flavorless and slightly cool. It is an extraordinarily realistic experience of eating flower petals.

    Shortly afterwards, I wake up.

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    1. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      Perhaps what amused me most was that you said that the mushroom was obviously fly-agaric. I know nothing of mushrooms so that was interesting.

      I like the way your dream brain details the forest. I really wouldn't expect mine to, but it's been a while since I've actually properly been inside a forest, but your description of it made a lot of sense to me anyway.

      Was simply realising it was a dream without a check enough for you to become lucid? Is it normal for that to be the case?
    2. LeaningKarst's Avatar
      Normally, I have no idea how I become lucid in dreams since memory only seems to kick in after I'm lucid. My guess is that it's happening immediately on transitioning from nREM to REM. WILD has always been my method of choice, and so it would make sense that transitions within dreams often trigger the realization that I'm dreaming as well, as happened in this one.

      I studied biology at one point in my life and, although I ended up going in a different direction, I still probably know more than my share of facts about plants, animals and the occasional fungus. : ) And, naturally, my dreaming brain is free to draw on what I've forgotten as well.
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    3. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      It's peculiar to me that you have no memory of a dream until you become lucid (that's what I understood?). I would like WILD to be my method of choice too but currently in life it's too difficult for me for a few reasons, mainly related to my condition. Pretty much all my adult LDs have been from DILD or DEILD, and so dream recall has been quite important to keep track of my dream-signs.

      And thanks for your reply. It's always interesting for me to know more about someone's contexts.