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    The Fourth Factor

    Playing with Perception

    by , 03-20-2018 at 11:17 PM (123 Views)
    I seem to have got lucid early in the night somehow and have decided to experiment with something Iíve been meaning to try out: intentionally connecting with my dream environments on the more intimate level that I sometimes experience in my non-lucid dreams. That was the general plan, but now that Iím here, I know how Iíll carry it out: doing without my vision. Itís something Iíve done out of necessity before in dreams, but never on purpose.

    Iím in the basement of my old house in M---, or the basement plus, I might call it, since itís the expanded version of itself it usually takes in dreams. This iteration of it is completely empty and has the usual weird tunnel leading off who-knows-where. But for the time being, Iíll be staying in this room. The place is a bit creepy, but just right for what I have in mind.

    I turn off my vision and feel for the influx of knowledge that Iím confident is there, latent in the dream - and find it. Itís difficult to describe - I'm not up for trying right now, but I think anyone who plays around with dreams much will have some experience to extrapolate from. I walk around for a while like thatóI really donít seem to have any trouble navigating this way. I turn my vision back on to confirm that itís the same bare room. It is.

    But thereís something else I want to try, so I turn my vision off again. I want to see if I can actually navigate a dream using sound, which Iíve never done before. I walk around some more, this time paying close attention to the echoes of my footsteps, trying to model the shape of the room with them. The sound seems to take on a living quality somehow, as if using it in this way has really turned it into an extension of my consciousness. And Iím actually getting an impression of a room, though a very rough one, and itís hard to be sure when I already know it pretty well by now.

    Vision back on. And with that done, I go off and have some non-lucid dreams until about 3:30 am, when I wake up and record the experience.


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