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    The Fourth Factor

    Shop of Shiny Things

    by , 06-13-2018 at 04:15 AM (58 Views)
    In this dream, I ampart of a group, possibly of students, although we seem to be doing whatever it is weíre doing out in the streets of a city rather than in a classroom. At some point, I go into a shop with a few others. Itís selling clothingóskirts mostly, long, summer-y ones that look handmade, in a variety of colors and patterns, but some belts and scarves and things as well.

    The things in the shop donít seem to be in any particular order: in one part of the room is a big pile of loosely-folded skirts. I think one skirt looks interesting and pull it out to get a closer look, but it now seems to be a sheepskin vest with pictures and words on it, not really like anything else in the shop. I put it back.

    I then look at a display of jewelry on one wall. It all appears to be carved out of some kind of iridescent mineral of many colorsódefinitely something natural, judging by the variations. Next to the jewelry are some plectra made from the same material. A young woman from the class tells me that there are more in another part of the room, so I go to look at those as well.

    I find one plectrum there thatís blue, in a kind of boomerang shape. It looks interesting, but Iím concerned that itís too blunt. Another is a brilliant red with little flecks of black and white on the edges and basically triangular, but with slightly concave edges going up to the point. Iíll buy that one, I decide.


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