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    Finally an LD!! - Winter Competition 2022 Night 11

    by , 12-12-2022 at 07:29 AM (160 Views)
    WILDed into my old bedroom and went to the window to check if it was indeed my old bedroom. "Oh yeah" I thought as soon as I saw the familiar scenary. I didn't remembre my tasks all that well, so I went with the piano playing which I knew was a thing but didn't remember wasn't the 3 step task anymore.

    So I went to the living room, sat at the piano and tried to play something cool. However, nothing good came out and I ended up quickly giving up. Then I went to the kitchen where my sister was playing on her computer. I asked her for some piano advice but she kind of avoided the question and asked me to help her install something on her PC. I helped a bit and then went to the kitchen balcony, which was significantly bigger than it is IWL.

    I looked at the sky and it was slightly cloudly, cool and humid and I thought it would be a perfect day to fly. However I wasn't feeling super confident, nor was I feeling like jumping out of the 7th floor, so I decided to test for super strength instead and started punching the wall. Nothing much happened to the wall itself but at the 2nd or 3rd punch it seemed like the wall "stepped back" slightly. I tried to do it again but to no avail.

    Next up I remembered the electronic device task, so I headed back to the living room, where my two versions of my cat were. I petted both of them for a bit and then grabbed my phone. Everything seemed normal I opened the music app which seemed to have every tune I have ever listened to. I played one of them, and it started playing an album I hear often, which coincidentaly I actually have on my phone IWL.

    Finally I decided to go the neighbours place to see if I could find the Unigine Valley there (going through their door has led to some weird places before). As I was leaving my house I remember the expression "the writing is on the wall" and try to think it would be cool if there was writing on the wall in the corridor when I went out through my front door. And sure enough, there it was. On the left wall of the corridor, in a very faint, light red color it was written "writing on the wall". Kinda neat, uh? (except for the part where it was written in red, I kinda felt like it was blood).

    Anyways, I knocked on my neighbours door, but before they had time to answer I noticed to my right a room which had two grand pianos and a smaller keyboard instrument which was clearly supposed to be a min church organ. I sat at the organ and started playing Toccata in D minor by Bach (I can't actually play this IWL, so this was all just me thinking the sound and moving my hands randomly, and the sounds came out). Then the neighbours came rushing into the room, slightly angry. I started playing Autumn Leaves and they apparently had no choice except to groove along. One sat down at a piano and the other pulled out a saxophone and we just jammed. Great fun! Worth noting that I had to purposely not look at the keys for otherwise the illusion that I actually could play would be broken.

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