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    TotM October - Advanced II 2018/10/12

    by , 10-13-2018 at 10:04 AM (635 Views)
    Managed to WILD using my new refined technique. Dream lasted about 10 minutes:
    I started the dream in bed, and, after walking around a bit I remembered to do the TotM. I then went directly to the kitchen balcony, where I keep my brooms and jumped off the balcony. I flew around a bit, however the broom was too short, so I had to go back and switch. Being equiped with a better broom I flew in the direction of the rising sun, coming upon a tall building and a parking station. As the sun rose a man came out of his car and I started flying up... The clouds, light grey and relatively dispersed weren't directly above me, so, as I rose I could see a "longitudinal cut"of the clouds, a bit like the layers of a lasagna. The higher I went the lighter in colour the layers of clouds were. I think I saw brown clouds however... After that I flew around a bit and went up a mountain, but I woke up and nothing eventful happened.

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    1. Goldenspark's Avatar
      Hey LeaoLouro, what's your refined WILD technique?
      Care to share?