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    Attempting first WILD

    by , 05-10-2011 at 01:48 PM (641 Views)
    Hello everybody i've known DV for a certain time but just registered now.

    I want to share my first successful WILD from a very exciting night where i remembered almost 5 dreams

    It began with a FA where i wanted to take notes of my last dream, but the light wouldn't switch on. I woke up when i counted 6 fingers.

    OK i decided to try a WILD: i didn't want to stay up for long so i just went to the toilet.
    I layed still and waited for transitioning. Next, i found myself in bed. I got out of it and walked in the hallway.

    But i woke up. I layed still and visualized the last szene. At first i felt the things i wanted to touch. Next my vision came back. OK what should i do next? Flying! I havent been flying in any of my previous lucids. So i opened a window and looked down. It seemed very high but on the ground there was a swimming pool. I decided to do another RC before jumping down here. But again i woke up.

    It worked as before to visualize the dream to rejoin fast. I was again in the hallway and decided to take the stairs to go outside. Wow our house was now a beautiful villa! Only a door separated us from our neighbor but its my dream i can go anywhere. As i walked through our neighbors house outside, i realized how bright it is outside! I thought its easier to hold the dream stable outside where its more bright.

    Here the dream comes to an end. Maybe i fell into deeper sleep or the dream changed completely.
    I woke up some hours later.

    My next goal is to stabilize a lucid further to make it last longer.

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    Tags: at home
    lucid , false awakening


    1. Lemons's Avatar
      Nice! Congratulations on it and welcome to the forum
    2. lemonDrops's Avatar
      Thanks! By the way: good username