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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Longest lucid adventure so far

      by , 02-10-2012 at 04:59 PM (cinema of the mind)
      This dream lasted really long, i had to chain it several times because of loosing my surroundings but i kept it up until my alarm went off.

      I wake up in my room. I can barely see anything and I'm very tired. I have to force myself to write into my DJ. But the light switch isn't working. When I'm switching hysterically, i get really angry. It must be a power blackout.

      Wait a moment - I've had that situation over and over again for years - I must be dreamin! I need a moment to catch my thoughts but the i get out of bed. In the hallway i ask a friend to turn up the lights, and so he does.

      To stabilize the dream, i rub my hands. But it barely helps. As i greet my friend, we shake hands, that feels very realistically.

      We get downstairs and theres a celebration going on. It's already daytime when i get downstairs. I don't join the party, i have to do bigger things in a lucid. I look outside the window and enjoy the warm sunlight, like on those beautiful summerdays. Another friend passes me, he asks why I don't get over to the others. I tell him that we have to enjoy our time here, so let's get outside. He doesn't want to.

      I also remember a fragment where i jump out of the second floor and just before i hit the ground the dream vanished. I could reenter it again inside.

      Another fragment was that i wanted to teleport. I used the moment of my jump to slide through a mirror. It didn't work as expected, i blacked out.

      When i had no dreamscape again, i tried to imagine something. It was a big well with a fountain in the middle. As the dream formed, this became more or less a small technical thing with gear wheels in front of me on the table. I showed it to my sister and decided to stop trying teleporting.

      Again in the hallway i meet two friends from an earlier dream. I only remember we had a funny time and why not take them with me? The two girls and a boy get outside with me.

      I try to convince them that flying we fly a round, but i can't get up at all.
      The next part i can barely remember but we drove somewhere with a car.
      The two girls were really cute and we were talking a lot.

      At some point we are on a ship. there are guards like at customs. They say the crossing of the lake will take three hours in total. I say no, i haven't got that much time. I tell my friends that we should jump into the water. We can walk on the water. They don't believe me first, but then all four of us jump out. And yes, we can walk on the water

      My memory of the last part is also very foggy i can only say we got on land and met some soldiers.
    2. Really much dreams tonight

      by , 12-30-2011 at 06:35 PM (cinema of the mind)
      First of all, it's not common for me that i can recall so much dreams in one night. My recall was a mess, but i put the pieces together and here we go:

      In the barracks
      Itís quarter past 6 and time to go home. I walk over to the main building with the dining room. I check my lunch bag, I have two sandwiches where one seems to be older. A friend is already waiting and says I should hurry up. We get some cold food for dinner and also for breakfast tomorrow. A high box contains some chocolate and also cookies. Before we go, we meet two nice girls.

      Strange slide

      Itís kind of like a sliding game. I slide down with some friends this slide. Everytime I hit a barricade, I hear sound effects like in a video game. They really frighten me. I stop to catch some downfalling things, that gives extra points. Below I meet a friend.

      Reading DJ
      I woke up and laid still to go through my last dream. But I fell asleep and dreamed about reading my DJ to my father.

      Phoning Syndey
      A young girl is standing in front of her house. It seems her family is really poor because the house doesnít look well. I go with her to the door. Itís closed. I can see a women through the glass in the door. I get the feeling that this is my old bus driver.

      But she doesnít look like her at all! I realize that iím dreaming and we just get inside. I talk a bit with her, but she reacts really stubborn. I wanted to baffle her a bit, so i grab my lighter and put my right hand on fire. I through some flames through the room and everybody is astonished.

      I walk through a door and iím now at home. Everything looks exactly as in waking life, fully vivid. I think that i donít need to stabilize.

      I get downstairs into our kitchen. Suddenly everything is dark and i canít see clear anymore. I turn on all lights. It helps a bit, as it gets brighter. My sister is there. I wonder about our team task, to meet Sydney. But i decide to phone her first. As i walk downstairs into the basement i type in into my phone ĄSydneyď. Iím proud that it works, it also shows a small picture of her. But in the end, a man answers and talks something in French, like she had an French telephone answering. I donít understand a word and hang up.

      I search again for her in my contacts, but the dream gets unstable and ends.

      On my way home
      Iím at the back of our elementary school. I go down past the church, and on the main street. The street is full of sludge, my shoes get really dirty. Then there is a show. An old women shows conjurer's tricks, I think. Iím semi-lucid and use telekinesis to let a basket besides her fly. I think about letting something bigger fly, like a car, but forget about it. After the show a friend asks me, how she did all these things. I wait a moment, and try to determine if Iím dreaming by means of my feeling. I answer ďWait. Do you really know this is real?Ē I show him to plug his nose, and try to breathe. I confuse about if you should or should not be able to breathe, but he knows what I mean.

      I wake up in a FA. I immediately do the Nose-Plug RC. As someone would expect, I was able to breathe. But I missed it and said to myself Iím only able to do it since I have a really bad cold.

      At home
      I open our bathroom door, theres our lieutenant in our bathtub and in another bathtub a women. I start laughing about the strange things happening in my dreams.
    3. strange, weird imagination.

      by , 12-21-2011 at 06:58 PM (cinema of the mind)
      I'm at the military. We do some postprocessing work on a wooden ramp.

      I start eating on the wooden ramp . My instructur sees me and advises me to not do it because i'm scratching the ramp. I totally freak out and yell at him "You f** a** ***". He replies "OK. Recruit, you come to report later to me in the attic.

      In the attic, i meet some students. The instructor tells me something i don't remember. I grab my harry potter book (??) and go outside to bring it to my mum. She's sitting on a plaster and i show her the book.

      marathon ?
      I'm on a highway and steel a car GTA-like. I have a mission. I stop the car to get a motorbike. With an insanely speed i'm driving on the central line and i see everything 3rd Person like.

      I get to a building into the underground carpark and get up. There are several shops. A crowd wants to stop me. But i get past them and continue my mission. A man, gagged and bound to a chair, is sitting there. Now i have to kill him. I don't want to describe it further, but i didn't do it in the end and got very sentimental.

      A very load bang. Students all around me. It must have been a cannon.

      False awakening. I'm taking down short notes for the second dream.
    4. strange abbey

      by , 10-19-2011 at 07:49 AM (cinema of the mind)
      i wake up. i grab my mobile to take notes for my dj entry. wait - i connected it for charging on the other side of the room. maybe this is a FA. i look for the socket-outlet and find one near my bed (which isnt there im WL)

      im in a bi g building. i think it is an abbey, but it doesnt seem to be so. and i dont want to join it. a young man in a white lab coat is leading me somewhere. on our way i crush tiny red pills to powder and litter it, so i can find the way back on my own. the young man leaves me and an older fat man leads me now. hes clearly in a hurry, we run nearly. when we get into a supermarket i start wondering. i stop and say "this is a dream!" i start stabilizing by looking around, at all the detail and try to find the fat man. he keeps running. next, i listen. i can hear loud noises from all the people in the supermarket. i try to concentrate on specific voices.
      im woken by an opening door.
      lucid , false awakening
    5. left in the dark

      by , 06-21-2011 at 01:56 PM (cinema of the mind)

      False awakening. I get out of bed. On my wardrobe, theres a leather jacket hanging. I saw it yesterday in our cellar, i think my mum must have hang it there. Now i'm on the way to the toilet. I turn off the light, it's absolutely dark for a moment, then i can see barely but enough to find the toilet room. I get in, close the door and try to turn on the light. It doesn't work, i think it must be broken. instead, a smaller light beound the mirror goes on, but it's very dim. I panic, this all is strange. I try to open the door, but get resistance.

      Then i think clearer, non-working lights have always been a dream sign, i don't have to worry it's all my dream. I stop pulling on the door and it opens. i let go every fear and something from behind the door drops on the floor, i can feel it on my feet. then i wake up
    6. Drinking

      by , 06-18-2011 at 10:41 AM (cinema of the mind)
      WBTB after 5 hours, for 10 min

      Me and my friends were at a really ugly department. It seemed to be in the basement because it was so dark. We had a small table in the kitchen and were drinking alcohol. Some children underage were also drinking with us. One of them said, he feels really bad, and guess what he did. He vomitted under our table. I placed my cup over the sink in the toilet room. We got out to bring him home. At his home, we left him alone, that his parents wouldn't see us. I'm talking with two friends, one would come with me back to the department.

      False awakening, wanting to write my DJ
      being on the DV chat and talking to Matte, that i accidentally opened the chat.
    7. Driving a truck / School

      by , 06-16-2011 at 10:51 AM (cinema of the mind)
      I'm again at school, i see all my classmates. Not only them, but also one from a fromer school. I talk to her a bit. I know we can't have lessons at all any more, we are finished with school. As the teacher comes in, we begin to watch a movie.

      carport #1
      I am standing in our carport, totally naked. I can feel the sun shining through the glass roof. As i check if somebody is here, i notice my father sees me from the distance. It doesn't bother me.

      I thought "He must be there because i feared somebody sees me."
      "Furthermore, it's because of my expectations, just like in a dream"

      I get out of the carport without stabilization, the dream quickly fades.

      carport #2
      After DEILDing, i'm again in the carport. But this time, theres a couple doing their loveplay. I watch them for some time, but decide to do further things in my dream. This time it seems much more stable and i get out into our garden. the sun is shining bright, it's warm and i can't see any clouds. I focus on the mountains in the distance, and back to the trees of our garden. I check my range of vision, how much i can see without moving my eyes. It's amazing! My view is totally high-grained. Now, what to do next? I haven't got any current goals, so i decide to drive a car. I get through a garden door into the garden of our neighbor but theres a wall built in front of the street. I decide to fly over it, but after a jump i black out.

      garden again
      I'm back in our garden. I look for a car in our garden. Theres only a Honda and some broken cars, but it's not a good idea to drive in our garden. So i get in front of our house, to the street. Theres a truck standing. I try to expect that the door is not locked and that the key is in there. That worked perfectly. I start the engine and begin driving. The truck has no stearing wheel, i have to controll it through control cables. But that doesn't matter, i can drive it anyways. After driving on a bumpy street the dream fades.

      writing my dj
      I wake up and want to write in my handwritten DJ. I check the current date of my clock, it says 28th. But that isn't true, i remember that yesterday was about 15th. Haha it's just a false awakening!
    8. a wild night.

      by , 06-03-2011 at 10:36 AM (cinema of the mind)
      My class was in some sort of office. Every one had his own PC to work, or just browse the internet. Most of us went home, when only some friends and me stayed. we got into a conversation.

      25 minutes WBTB and trying to WILD

      HI: Watching a beautiful landscape through a window, disappeared when SP set in.
      tactile hypnagogia: I opened a door and went through it. disappeared too when SP set in.

      I was at home and went downstairs. Our house looked completely different, i talked a bit to my sisters. It's time for my current goal, flying. I wanted to go outside, but saw already that it's a very dark night. I tried to switch on the light outside but it didn't work. I tried anyways, jumped twice and tried to push myself in the air, using my arms.

      I think i tried too hard, the dream ended.

      I was driving our van, my friends where sitting on the back. It was really lame, didn't accelerate much. But i enjoyed cutting every curve on it's maximum. We followed a car. It turned into a street which led us too an car repair service. We got out of the van and looked for a faster car. But every car there seemed to be broken, or very old. But wait, i want to do another task before i waste this dream! I reached into my pockets, and put the contents on the ground. It was what i always carry with me: my phone, wallet, a handkerchief and a piece of paper. i tried to read what's written on it, but lost the dream.

      Had a false awakening, but i was too distracted to recognize i'm still dreaming. I was in some sort of stock hall and dumpers where unloading wood and hay everywhere. i tried to lie down on some hay to sleep again.

      We were in the cinema, i was kinda semi-lucid. I knew i was dreaming, and enjoyed the very realistic film. I don't remember the film. As we got out of the hall, there was a puppet-clown which lost it's eyes, wires standing out instead.

      I was driving home with the bus, i was the only passenger. The bus driver was accelerating all the time, he didn't even slow down when we got into a village! we were driving at an insanely speed of nearly 120kph when he slowed down to get a curve.
    9. Telekinesis

      by , 05-28-2011 at 12:16 PM (cinema of the mind)
      I experienced short SP, sensations going through all parts of my body, i was lifted a bit and layd down into my bed again. I opened my eyes and knew, i was now dreaming. Went out of my room but the dream was so instable that i woke up. I gave it another try and ended up in our kitchen. There were two persons, one was my teacher. I told them ' do you know we are dreaming right now?'. At some point i lost lucidity and just got along with the plot.

      I awoke sitting on a chair besides my friends. One told me that i look funny when i sleep. I couldn't believe that i just slept on that chair, but i laid down on a bench to sleep.

      I was at my girlfriends house. she wasn't there, but her family. The people and the house looked completely different. Some children opened a huge door, and threw rolls into the room. As i got closer, i felt really cold air. Some fenced goats were kept in there! Now i could smell them, it seemed they had to be kept in a cold room, because they came from the highlands. I went over to her father, wanted to greet him but he didn't react. So i just sat down. The other was bending a knife. This seemed a bit strange.
      I told him to just watch. I raised my arm towards a metal plate and forced it to bend. They looked really surprised. I stood up, i wanted to try further things. there was a radio, i wanted to lift it. I raised my arm towards it and wanted to levitate it. It didn't work, but it's leds gone on and off very weird. I attempted again, but this time i tried to get a bowl with cornflakes without walking over to it. I raised my arm towards it and imagined a extension with which i could easily let it hover around. i finally grabbed it and threw it away. Yeah! i've made it!
    10. Searching for my watch / Festival

      by , 05-25-2011 at 01:35 PM (cinema of the mind)
      False Awakening, i see a fly on the ceiling.

      Searching for my watch
      I'm in a different school with some people, i pay 50 bucks to get my phone back from someone.
      The dream skips.
      I'm now searching for my watch and my phone. I'm in front of the school at the bus station. I check the time, it's nearly 14:00 i have to get the bus. I see that i have lost my slippers, but i don't care. Next i go into the school again, and at the end of a corridor theres a locked door. The man who i had payd 50 bucks earlier opens it for me. In there is his office. I ask him if he has gotten my phone and watch. He says he doesn't know. I'm pissed and i look for it on my own in all these cabinets. I find a lot of watches but not my one. Later he tells me he has already given me my phone. I'm searching further for my watch. A girl approches me, she wants to kiss me. I think thats not right i have a girlfriend. I turn away from her, but she gets sad and runs away. I didn't want to hurt her, so i run after her to explain my attitude. I run down some winding escalators, which are full of people. Then i see her. I yell after her: I'm sorry, but i'm in a relationship! People are staring at me, but i don't care. I'm going back to search for my watch when i wake up.

      Doing a 20 min WBTB.

      I'm in front of a creepy cottage. Special plants and shrooms are growing all around that cottage. I'm with 2 friends of mine. One convinces us to try some of the shrooms. After a short time i feel very dizzy. We go along into a marquee where a sort of festival is going on. We are at some sort of beer-bar, and i see a big poster advertising some special shroom-beer. I order some. The dream skips. The festival is over, the bar men are now disassembling their bars. I wonder how i will get home, I havent seen our driver for a long time. I think of phoning my girlfriend, but i only went out to look for our driver.

      I remembered my second dream during the breakfast, took some notes but lost this piece of paper during the day. Anyone who will find it will be like WTF
    11. OBE / completing my first task

      by , 05-18-2011 at 06:01 AM (cinema of the mind)
      I've completed my first easy task, i wanted to tell a DC that i am dreaming and to prove it to them with a RC.
      I didn't sleep well but i managed to get lucid in 5 hours of sleep.
      Recently I started MILD and repeated the mantra "I will have a lucid dream tonight or very soon"

      Mum gives me a candle as a present. I find it not very usefull and lay it on my desk. Maybe I got to bed

      I was flying around in my grandparents house and got very excited as I realized that. This must be an OBE! (actually, it was not) I enjoyed floating around in the house. Then I floated outside into the court (itís a farm) and saw my aunt with my cousine going upstairs. I checked my watch (Think it was 3:00) to check later if it was a real OBE.

      I started non-Lucid in this house again. (note: I thought it was my house the whole time, instead it was my grandparents). In the kitchen I randomly did a nose-pinch RC. Very surprised, I shouldnít be able to breave, right? So this is a dream. I started thinking about my current task. It was not as easy to remember but I recalled that I have to tell someone this is a dream. I went outside to my aunt and told her I am dreaming. I was so excited, I wanted to write this down and tried to wake up.

      I woke up in the same house, and started doing dreamplot things. I was in the kitchen when my sister asked for a candle she needed. At first, I denyied. The I remembered, I had gotten earlier one from mum which I donít need. So I went up to my room and couldn't found it anywhere! I was sure I had placed it on my desk! I went down into the kitchen to tell her I couldnít find it. But this couldnít be a coincidence, I must be dreaming! I just laughed for a while, because this was really a dream. Went a little around and thought over what task I have set. I havenít completed the second part in the last dream, so I said to my father: ďHey we are dreaming. Letís count my fingersĒ. He counted 8, when i counted 6. He seemed a bit silly and didn't understand what i meant.
    12. kingdom wars / lucid starting in my room

      by , 05-11-2011 at 11:38 AM (cinema of the mind)
      So now that i have finished the first part of my final exams stress decreased and i dont have to get up early.

      Our kingdom is attacked
      At first i see a plan of a city with buildings modelled by clay. At next the spaces between streets get colored, the seem to be forests and swamplands. Next, i'm in the city. We are a kingdom and we have to fight our opponent. So all of us go to war. I don't remember this part, maybe it has never really happenend. Next we cancel our fight and go home. The war is lost and only me and my sister are returning to our city. We had to pass a canyon made of grey stone, where historical cars stood on our right side. Theres no sense at all behind this. Back at home, we know the oppenents will atack us, we have to hide our gold and ourselfs. I take a big bowl with lots of golden coins to hideit in a building, but it seems to be not a good hiding place. As i'm thinking, the opponents arrive and attack us. I grab a sword and make a step backwards. But they are too many to fight alone. I see that its over, we have no chance. So i surrender and moments later they kill me. My sister and me are now watching them steeling our gold and finding our king and queen hiding in a chest

      Lucid in the morning
      The very last dream started in my room as i awakened. I become immediately lucid, because i always do when im in my room. I thought about my last dream. Then I remembered that i had to stabilize the dream, so i viewed the pattern of the walls, while i rubbed my hands. I listened for sounds or noises but it was absolutely still. The dream seemed stable and so i went downstairs into the kitchen. It was lunch time and we had cutlets, i nearly stayed for eating. I reminded myself that this was a dream and i could do better things than eating in my dreams. Then i woke up, because it was already 9 AM.
    13. Attempting first WILD

      by , 05-10-2011 at 01:48 PM (cinema of the mind)
      Hello everybody i've known DV for a certain time but just registered now.

      I want to share my first successful WILD from a very exciting night where i remembered almost 5 dreams

      It began with a FA where i wanted to take notes of my last dream, but the light wouldn't switch on. I woke up when i counted 6 fingers.

      OK i decided to try a WILD: i didn't want to stay up for long so i just went to the toilet.
      I layed still and waited for transitioning. Next, i found myself in bed. I got out of it and walked in the hallway.

      But i woke up. I layed still and visualized the last szene. At first i felt the things i wanted to touch. Next my vision came back. OK what should i do next? Flying! I havent been flying in any of my previous lucids. So i opened a window and looked down. It seemed very high but on the ground there was a swimming pool. I decided to do another RC before jumping down here. But again i woke up.

      It worked as before to visualize the dream to rejoin fast. I was again in the hallway and decided to take the stairs to go outside. Wow our house was now a beautiful villa! Only a door separated us from our neighbor but its my dream i can go anywhere. As i walked through our neighbors house outside, i realized how bright it is outside! I thought its easier to hold the dream stable outside where its more bright.

      Here the dream comes to an end. Maybe i fell into deeper sleep or the dream changed completely.
      I woke up some hours later.

      My next goal is to stabilize a lucid further to make it last longer.
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