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    Flying practice

    by , 08-26-2012 at 10:30 AM (484 Views)
    I'm in a park, where several animals are kept. I note a really, really huge skunk. Oversized animals are a dream sign for me, I have no doubt I'm dreaming I try to get out of the szene I'm currently involved, as I would easily loose lucidity again. I jump over the gates to get out of here.

    Hmm, what to do now? I cannot remember my tasks. So I begin to stabilize the dream a bit. I can make out the perfectly drawn shadows from the gates, and the beautiful trees in this park. OK, so next I just want to fly. I start running and make a big jump. But I hit the ground really hard It doesn't hurt, and I give it another try, without running and jumping. I just start floating and try to swim midair. I float high into the air near a building.

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