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    Getting help with teleporting

    by , 03-17-2012 at 08:59 AM (534 Views)
    After firstly getting lucid with DILD, i had to reenter the dream several times because they were so unstable.

    My sister and me are going for a walk. It's nearly midnight and only the street light is shining. Not far from home we meet our neighbor. He has mounted a pipe and puts his head inside it. We plague him a bit until mum approaches us. But she just uses a public toilet. So we walk back home. When we get inside, I remember this special darkness. I have seen it before, and yeah it was in a dream! Just as i get lucid, the dream ends.

    I need a moment to think through what just happened and DEILD right back.
    Everything's still dark. I can barely make out contours. As i get ouotside, i try some leafs of a plant. Everything gets more vivid and it seams really light outside for a night.

    Walking up the street to our neighbor, i see a merquee built up right next him. I join some people and speak with them. A young man, at first a bit disagreeable, but when i speak about dreaming with them, he seems to be the smartest DC here anyways. His names Tom and hes often on its way in dreams. He's waiting here for his father. So i just ask him if he could show me how to teleport in dreams, as i have problems with it. He disagrees at first but then he says he has been waiting so long for his father that he maybe won't come tonight. As we go, i just realize the other DCs have left our table.

    We stand there and he teleports us. My surroundings vanish and pop up somewhere on a street. It's now a sunny midday, we are on the countryside. I know the house next to us, here live my grandparents. The dream is very unstable first, a fat strange man runs by and drops to the ground. We don't care and go along the small street. Theres a mound of earth on the street and i just climb on it.

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