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    1. Flying practice

      by , 08-26-2012 at 10:30 AM (cinema of the mind)
      I'm in a park, where several animals are kept. I note a really, really huge skunk. Oversized animals are a dream sign for me, I have no doubt I'm dreaming I try to get out of the szene I'm currently involved, as I would easily loose lucidity again. I jump over the gates to get out of here.

      Hmm, what to do now? I cannot remember my tasks. So I begin to stabilize the dream a bit. I can make out the perfectly drawn shadows from the gates, and the beautiful trees in this park. OK, so next I just want to fly. I start running and make a big jump. But I hit the ground really hard It doesn't hurt, and I give it another try, without running and jumping. I just start floating and try to swim midair. I float high into the air near a building.
    2. Very fragmented lucid

      by , 04-06-2012 at 04:53 PM (cinema of the mind)
      It's dark again in my room. Shit! it was never easy to bring light into my lucids. I switch the lights on and off but nothing happens. No hope, this dream is ending.

      I'm with my father jogging. We come to a bar, and I order apple juice. I'm still trying to get this dream properly stabilized. For one thing i notize my foggy sight, so i take off my glasses (Yes, that helps ) Next, i rub my hands. Just as I feel more grounded, this dream either ends.

      I jump-start in a tour bus. It's driving along a wonderful river, on the other side there are huge mountains. Two old women, a young girl and me are sitting on two seats.^^. Nobody has realy much place so i start getting out of it. I do so by gliding through the ceiling. As i just got out, the bus driver gets the bus hurling and we crash through guardrail into the river. The bus sinks, but all the people get out without problems. Everyone seems to be happy after such an accident, when the dream once again ends.

      I'm now sitting at a bar with two people. We are drinking shots, and they don't taste bad.

      I'm now at a table sitting with a friend. I seem to loose lucidity and want to RC but not in front of all the others. I get up to get my bag. It's in the locker.

      I turn lucid luckily again. I get out of this house. I repeat the sentence "I'm lucid" and it helps a little. I try to feel every muscle of my body when i walk around in that garden. It feels realistic, but not overwhelming. I see a jeep stopping on the street next to the garden. Just some trees are on the edge of the garden. As I walk there, a strange DC appears. Grass is growing on his entiry body and he wants to stop me. I can't go ahead, the harder i push, the more resistant he gets. Anyway, i manage to get past him and get into the jeep. I start the enginge and start driving. The sun is going down really fast, within seconds it's night. As the jeep goes really slow, i remember matte once saying flying a car is also possible. As i pull on the steering wheel, the front of the car gets up in the air. After several tries i manage to get the whole car flying. It's just a short flight, my dream seems to come to an end and i crash down into a building, inside is a theater.
    3. Getting help with teleporting

      by , 03-17-2012 at 08:59 AM (cinema of the mind)
      After firstly getting lucid with DILD, i had to reenter the dream several times because they were so unstable.

      My sister and me are going for a walk. It's nearly midnight and only the street light is shining. Not far from home we meet our neighbor. He has mounted a pipe and puts his head inside it. We plague him a bit until mum approaches us. But she just uses a public toilet. So we walk back home. When we get inside, I remember this special darkness. I have seen it before, and yeah it was in a dream! Just as i get lucid, the dream ends.

      I need a moment to think through what just happened and DEILD right back.
      Everything's still dark. I can barely make out contours. As i get ouotside, i try some leafs of a plant. Everything gets more vivid and it seams really light outside for a night.

      Walking up the street to our neighbor, i see a merquee built up right next him. I join some people and speak with them. A young man, at first a bit disagreeable, but when i speak about dreaming with them, he seems to be the smartest DC here anyways. His names Tom and hes often on its way in dreams. He's waiting here for his father. So i just ask him if he could show me how to teleport in dreams, as i have problems with it. He disagrees at first but then he says he has been waiting so long for his father that he maybe won't come tonight. As we go, i just realize the other DCs have left our table.

      We stand there and he teleports us. My surroundings vanish and pop up somewhere on a street. It's now a sunny midday, we are on the countryside. I know the house next to us, here live my grandparents. The dream is very unstable first, a fat strange man runs by and drops to the ground. We don't care and go along the small street. Theres a mound of earth on the street and i just climb on it.
    4. Driving, fight with DJ

      by , 03-10-2012 at 10:45 AM (cinema of the mind)
      We are driving home from a party, with two cars. I'm the second car and i feel too drunk. I don't recognice that i shouldn't drive in such a condition. But anyways, it's winter and the streets are ploughed, but we have snow everywhere. As my front car brakes, i nearly crash into it. The driving feels very unfamiliar. I should be more alert. I steer left and right and then i get it: i'm dreaming!

      I don't have a powerful car, but it's not accelerating at all when i push the gas pedal. So i try to force it by super powers. I'm getting faster and faster even without pushing the pedals.

      We stop at the parking lot of a supermarket in my village. The street out of it is full of parked cars. I lower my side window and yell out: "Get your car away from the street" A man weaves to the car, blocking the street, and reverses his car. He accelerates fast until he cannot brake anymore before he crashes into the parking cars. Two of them get hit. What a fool!

      We get into a house. It's strange there. I remember eating something before i say: "Hey we should do something, because this is a dream". we walk through the hallway. Strange heads are hanging on the ceiling. I say to a friend: "That creepy, let's get upstairs. I think it's better there." You can hear loud music from there. A DJ is playing music there, but no people are here yet. A women tells me to stop, this is a private event. I don't care and jump over the barrier and get to the DJ. Suddenly, he attacks me. He has some white sharp thing and wants to stab me. As i turn to get away, my friend comes and yells: "let's fight!". Together, we bring him down. I also use my superpowers to kick him off into the air. Slowly, the dream starts fading.
    5. Lucid experiments end in a nightmare

      by , 03-06-2012 at 08:08 PM (cinema of the mind)
      It's been a long time since i had my last lucid. A small WILD attempt tonight was surprisingly very successful. I did not set any goal, but said i just want to go with the dream and explore it.

      Soon i enter a dream. I am in a white room with two people. The dream is so unstable that i couldn't stand on my feet at all. I keep falling over all the time. But i begin talking with the guy and the girl and it gradually gets better.

      Then i go for lunch with them. We eat cutlet.

      The dream seems more stable now so i go outside. It's a sunny day, much warmer than now in RL. I put off my glasses. At first everything gets foggy but then i can see clearer than before. Everything looks perfectly normal normal now.

      I spot a strawberry and try it. It's a bit overripe but doesn't taste bad.

      On the street in front of our house, I use my telekinesis powers to let a dust bin hover. it drops down on the ground as i stop focusing on it. I try something bigger, an old lorry parks by our neighbor. It feels easy to lift the heavy lorry up in the air. I stop and it crashes on the ground with a loud bang.

      As i search for something bigger, i gradually loose lucidity. I wanted to let a digger hover, but then it is chasing me. Another lorry is running over me so I'm left behind lying on the street. A terrible looking girl helps me getting up again. I want to RC if I'm still dreaming but she prevents me to do so. I decide to not continue this, if I'm dreaming i want to wake up now.
    6. Longest lucid adventure so far

      by , 02-10-2012 at 04:59 PM (cinema of the mind)
      This dream lasted really long, i had to chain it several times because of loosing my surroundings but i kept it up until my alarm went off.

      I wake up in my room. I can barely see anything and I'm very tired. I have to force myself to write into my DJ. But the light switch isn't working. When I'm switching hysterically, i get really angry. It must be a power blackout.

      Wait a moment - I've had that situation over and over again for years - I must be dreamin! I need a moment to catch my thoughts but the i get out of bed. In the hallway i ask a friend to turn up the lights, and so he does.

      To stabilize the dream, i rub my hands. But it barely helps. As i greet my friend, we shake hands, that feels very realistically.

      We get downstairs and theres a celebration going on. It's already daytime when i get downstairs. I don't join the party, i have to do bigger things in a lucid. I look outside the window and enjoy the warm sunlight, like on those beautiful summerdays. Another friend passes me, he asks why I don't get over to the others. I tell him that we have to enjoy our time here, so let's get outside. He doesn't want to.

      I also remember a fragment where i jump out of the second floor and just before i hit the ground the dream vanished. I could reenter it again inside.

      Another fragment was that i wanted to teleport. I used the moment of my jump to slide through a mirror. It didn't work as expected, i blacked out.

      When i had no dreamscape again, i tried to imagine something. It was a big well with a fountain in the middle. As the dream formed, this became more or less a small technical thing with gear wheels in front of me on the table. I showed it to my sister and decided to stop trying teleporting.

      Again in the hallway i meet two friends from an earlier dream. I only remember we had a funny time and why not take them with me? The two girls and a boy get outside with me.

      I try to convince them that flying we fly a round, but i can't get up at all.
      The next part i can barely remember but we drove somewhere with a car.
      The two girls were really cute and we were talking a lot.

      At some point we are on a ship. there are guards like at customs. They say the crossing of the lake will take three hours in total. I say no, i haven't got that much time. I tell my friends that we should jump into the water. We can walk on the water. They don't believe me first, but then all four of us jump out. And yes, we can walk on the water

      My memory of the last part is also very foggy i can only say we got on land and met some soldiers.
    7. shopping / DEILD

      by , 01-08-2012 at 02:29 PM (cinema of the mind)
      Shopping Fragment
      We're at a shop and admire a game. All three of us get it and want to buy it. But at the cash desk i decide not to buy it, because i have already got a free version of this, only lacking a multiplayer feature.

      Shopping Centre Fragment
      We're at a shopping centre and strange moving stairs and conveyor bands are leading everywhere.

      Small DEILD
      When i woke up, i recalled the dream and spontaneously decided to DEILD. I was lucky that i didn't move, that made everything much easier. I felt the usual vibrations. But then i had to create my own dreamscape.

      At first, i tried to see something. A wall of text appeared, with yellow letters on brown background. The text didn't make sense to me. Then i wanted it to be a TV. Slowly, i could make out the borders of the TV, later the whole room where i'm standing. A couple is sitting behind a desk and watching, the whole room looks like and old one from the beginning of 19th century.

      I walk outside, meet a friend and a group of soldiers. Their commander arrives in a car and i throw an empty beer bottle onto the windscreen. He gets really angry and calls me and a soldier to him. When he begins to talk, the dream gets unstable. I try to RC, but wake up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    8. Really much dreams tonight

      by , 12-30-2011 at 06:35 PM (cinema of the mind)
      First of all, it's not common for me that i can recall so much dreams in one night. My recall was a mess, but i put the pieces together and here we go:

      In the barracks
      Itís quarter past 6 and time to go home. I walk over to the main building with the dining room. I check my lunch bag, I have two sandwiches where one seems to be older. A friend is already waiting and says I should hurry up. We get some cold food for dinner and also for breakfast tomorrow. A high box contains some chocolate and also cookies. Before we go, we meet two nice girls.

      Strange slide

      Itís kind of like a sliding game. I slide down with some friends this slide. Everytime I hit a barricade, I hear sound effects like in a video game. They really frighten me. I stop to catch some downfalling things, that gives extra points. Below I meet a friend.

      Reading DJ
      I woke up and laid still to go through my last dream. But I fell asleep and dreamed about reading my DJ to my father.

      Phoning Syndey
      A young girl is standing in front of her house. It seems her family is really poor because the house doesnít look well. I go with her to the door. Itís closed. I can see a women through the glass in the door. I get the feeling that this is my old bus driver.

      But she doesnít look like her at all! I realize that iím dreaming and we just get inside. I talk a bit with her, but she reacts really stubborn. I wanted to baffle her a bit, so i grab my lighter and put my right hand on fire. I through some flames through the room and everybody is astonished.

      I walk through a door and iím now at home. Everything looks exactly as in waking life, fully vivid. I think that i donít need to stabilize.

      I get downstairs into our kitchen. Suddenly everything is dark and i canít see clear anymore. I turn on all lights. It helps a bit, as it gets brighter. My sister is there. I wonder about our team task, to meet Sydney. But i decide to phone her first. As i walk downstairs into the basement i type in into my phone ĄSydneyď. Iím proud that it works, it also shows a small picture of her. But in the end, a man answers and talks something in French, like she had an French telephone answering. I donít understand a word and hang up.

      I search again for her in my contacts, but the dream gets unstable and ends.

      On my way home
      Iím at the back of our elementary school. I go down past the church, and on the main street. The street is full of sludge, my shoes get really dirty. Then there is a show. An old women shows conjurer's tricks, I think. Iím semi-lucid and use telekinesis to let a basket besides her fly. I think about letting something bigger fly, like a car, but forget about it. After the show a friend asks me, how she did all these things. I wait a moment, and try to determine if Iím dreaming by means of my feeling. I answer ďWait. Do you really know this is real?Ē I show him to plug his nose, and try to breathe. I confuse about if you should or should not be able to breathe, but he knows what I mean.

      I wake up in a FA. I immediately do the Nose-Plug RC. As someone would expect, I was able to breathe. But I missed it and said to myself Iím only able to do it since I have a really bad cold.

      At home
      I open our bathroom door, theres our lieutenant in our bathtub and in another bathtub a women. I start laughing about the strange things happening in my dreams.
    9. Watching a movie / DEILD

      by , 12-22-2011 at 03:39 PM (cinema of the mind)
      Wathing a movie and DEILDing afterwards

      I'm in my room and watching a movie. My smartphone is connected to the projector i'm using. The chair feels uncomfortable so i move to my bed, and ly down on my back that i can see to the screen.

      I slowly realize that i'm waking up, as my position in bed changed drastically. At first i move a bit and want to note down the dream i had. But then remember that I wanted to DEILD so I shouldn't move. Anyways, i calm myself down.

      Some parts of my body begin to vibrate. I try to move my hand without using any muscle. It works. I continue to turn over. With littles resistance it works! I get up and take a look. everything is very dark, i can only make out the silhouettes. My left arm feels numb at first, but when i touch the desk the sense returns. When i look out of my window, i can see some bright stars and the moon. I wonder about my task, to find Syndey. I yell out for her, but the dream is about to end.

      I wake up. Three minutes later my alarm goes off.
      Tags: at home, movie, sydney
    10. Flying high above my city

      by , 12-16-2011 at 08:09 PM (cinema of the mind)
      DEILD - Flying high above my city

      I began with a Mantra when i woke up around 4:00. "I'm absolutely sure, i will lucid dream tonight. Why? my last success says it's just one small step"

      When i was about to enter a dream (I didn't feel any SP) I visualized a scene.

      The first thing that came onto my mind, was touching a naked girl. I could feel her body already, when vision popped in. But i lost this dream.

      After another failed attempt i tried to visualize me falling. When vision came to me, i was high above my hometown and right before hitting the ground, i started flying in another direction.

      I needed some time, until i got in control of my flight. I just had to turn my head into the desired direction. I wasn't flying fast, but somewhat high. The detail of this town was amazing.

      When i came to our house, i saw a big tornado with black clouds. I landed besides it to inspect that phenomenon nearer. It didn't move at all.

      Again i started flying and tried to remember any goals. When nothing came to my mind i just continued flying.
    11. Teleportation / Waiting for the bus

      by , 10-29-2011 at 09:48 AM (cinema of the mind)
      DILD - teleporting to another planet

      At first, i activate my senses to make the dream stable and make it feel more real.

      I ook around, admire the details. I listen for sounds and rub my hands. I also try to feel my whole body, and it helps, the dream is now velry vivid.

      While i imagine how the destination would look, i draw a door with my finger on the wall.

      Then i touch the wall (which is still only a wall) with a finger. No door. But i concentrated so much on the new destination, that i lost my surroundings and i'm now in a completely different place.

      Dream - Waiting for the bus

      I'm at a bus station i know very well. I'm alone on my way so i look for people i know. When i think i don't know anybody here, a friend aproaches and we talk a bit.

      Next, i sit down at a table near the bus station and talk with other friends and my sister. I want to go home and my friends want to go to the centre of the city to some bars. A waiter approaches us and we say we don't want to drink anything.

      It's already 01:00 pm and the bus arrives. My sister and me get on the bus. I notice that it's strangely dark outside, but it's midday. I take a foto of the strange phenomenon.
      lucid , non-lucid
    12. strange abbey

      by , 10-19-2011 at 07:49 AM (cinema of the mind)
      i wake up. i grab my mobile to take notes for my dj entry. wait - i connected it for charging on the other side of the room. maybe this is a FA. i look for the socket-outlet and find one near my bed (which isnt there im WL)

      im in a bi g building. i think it is an abbey, but it doesnt seem to be so. and i dont want to join it. a young man in a white lab coat is leading me somewhere. on our way i crush tiny red pills to powder and litter it, so i can find the way back on my own. the young man leaves me and an older fat man leads me now. hes clearly in a hurry, we run nearly. when we get into a supermarket i start wondering. i stop and say "this is a dream!" i start stabilizing by looking around, at all the detail and try to find the fat man. he keeps running. next, i listen. i can hear loud noises from all the people in the supermarket. i try to concentrate on specific voices.
      im woken by an opening door.
      lucid , false awakening
    13. breaking the dry spell

      by , 09-29-2011 at 08:51 PM (cinema of the mind)
      im driving with my car when i suddenly turn lucid. i stop it and get out of it. i go away some metres, i can still hear the engine of the car. i confirm that im dreaming with the nose pinch rc. its been a long time since i had breathe through my closed nose the last time.

      so the next thing i wonder is what to do next. my little brother is standing in the door of a house nearby. hes nearly 2 years old. why not fly with him? i grab his hand and go outside. i think i explained him how to fly but i dont know why we didnt.

      then i remembered some tasks from mattes class like doing a good a and a bad deed but i found that eating something would be easier :-) i got into the kitchen of the house and opened the refridgerator. i spot a tomato and take a big bite. i dont like them in wl, this must have influenced its taste. it had a tomatoish taste but much more sour and bitter. it tasted terrible.
    14. afternoon nap wild

      by , 08-28-2011 at 04:16 PM (cinema of the mind)
      at first, i only wanted to rest for a while in the early afternoon. when i wanted to get up after about 20 minutes i felt very tired, so i lay down in the hammok. Immediately i fell asleep.

      We are sitting by a table in a bar. I got up to get some kind of board game. When we began playing, i asked if we need a dice to play, but the others laughed.

      i woke up but was much too lazy to get up.

      soon i started seeing images. i tried to reenter the dream, by imagining the bar again and tried to touch things. I could already feel the things, but i lost them.

      I just lay still.
      It started with disturbing scratching noises and tingling everywhere inside me. At next i gently began falling and saw trippy small triangles floating around. Lightnings followed. I did not try to force anything, i just acted as an observer. the falling sensation changed its direction abruptly so i was now slowly flying upwards. I enjoyed this for a while. When it slowed down, i was gently set down on the ground.

      A dream formed, i saw now the sky with a few clouds. I slowly checked my surroundings and discovered a few people besides me. At next I got up and walked around on the meadow to let the dream settle down. When i wanted to talk to a man, the dream began to fade.
      Tags: bar, falling
    15. party in a vila

      by , 07-09-2011 at 01:29 PM (cinema of the mind)

      I'm in a huge villa with many rooms and a party is going on.

      I remember something about being in our sleeping room with a few friends and how i wondered about the oversized sink, containing two in a row.

      I'm in a smaller room with some people when suddenly a plastic ball hits my head. it came from through the door from the bigger room. Many people are throwing these plastic balls around, but it seems that nobody gets hit. Except for me, i get another hit on my head. This all seems a bit strange, why does nobody else gets hit?

      As i think about this, i go outside with a friend. Then i become lucid, i got hit because i feared it! Hmm what should i do next? I reach into my pocket, and feel a tiny metal thing. I grab it, it's a lighter. Matte told me recently about pyrokinesis, and how to play with fire. I want to give it a try. I lit the lighter, it makes a very small flame. i held my hand over it, it doesn't hurt at all. My hand slowly catches fire, but also very small flames. As it burns better, the wind blows it all away.

      OK, lets go inside. A friend of mine is standing in the corridor. He wants me to do something, but i ignore him and edge him off. I remember our current task, to visit the dream academy castle.
      I need a portal, and say to him

      Look at this door, behind it, there will be the main corridor of the castle, and i want to find my room somewhere there.

      I visualize the castle for a second, and then open the door. It went wrong, it's just a room of the villa i visited before in the dream, all people there seemed very familiar. I don't care about them and leave.
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