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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Back in school and mirrors

      by , 03-13-2012 at 07:37 PM (cinema of the mind)
      My dreams were a bit strange this morning and i didn't feel rested the whole day.

      I was at school, in a fictional presentation room. We had some drinks, but before i tried mine, i shrugged because it smelled terrible. I'm sure someone had put something in it. Back in class the next lesson starts. The air feels so hot, it's unbearable. The bell rings. i get out of my class. Next door i can make out a swimming pool. I use the showers to cool myself down. But it wouldn't be a bad idea to jump into the pool? And so i do. In the next lesson i have to present something in front of the class, but we end up that my teacher talks the whole time.

      As i walk past a mirror on the wardrobe, i examine my body. It's strangely deformed and my belly seems much bigger than in RL.
    2. shopping / DEILD

      by , 01-08-2012 at 02:29 PM (cinema of the mind)
      Shopping Fragment
      We're at a shop and admire a game. All three of us get it and want to buy it. But at the cash desk i decide not to buy it, because i have already got a free version of this, only lacking a multiplayer feature.

      Shopping Centre Fragment
      We're at a shopping centre and strange moving stairs and conveyor bands are leading everywhere.

      Small DEILD
      When i woke up, i recalled the dream and spontaneously decided to DEILD. I was lucky that i didn't move, that made everything much easier. I felt the usual vibrations. But then i had to create my own dreamscape.

      At first, i tried to see something. A wall of text appeared, with yellow letters on brown background. The text didn't make sense to me. Then i wanted it to be a TV. Slowly, i could make out the borders of the TV, later the whole room where i'm standing. A couple is sitting behind a desk and watching, the whole room looks like and old one from the beginning of 19th century.

      I walk outside, meet a friend and a group of soldiers. Their commander arrives in a car and i throw an empty beer bottle onto the windscreen. He gets really angry and calls me and a soldier to him. When he begins to talk, the dream gets unstable. I try to RC, but wake up.
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    3. Really much dreams tonight

      by , 12-30-2011 at 06:35 PM (cinema of the mind)
      First of all, it's not common for me that i can recall so much dreams in one night. My recall was a mess, but i put the pieces together and here we go:

      In the barracks
      Itís quarter past 6 and time to go home. I walk over to the main building with the dining room. I check my lunch bag, I have two sandwiches where one seems to be older. A friend is already waiting and says I should hurry up. We get some cold food for dinner and also for breakfast tomorrow. A high box contains some chocolate and also cookies. Before we go, we meet two nice girls.

      Strange slide

      Itís kind of like a sliding game. I slide down with some friends this slide. Everytime I hit a barricade, I hear sound effects like in a video game. They really frighten me. I stop to catch some downfalling things, that gives extra points. Below I meet a friend.

      Reading DJ
      I woke up and laid still to go through my last dream. But I fell asleep and dreamed about reading my DJ to my father.

      Phoning Syndey
      A young girl is standing in front of her house. It seems her family is really poor because the house doesnít look well. I go with her to the door. Itís closed. I can see a women through the glass in the door. I get the feeling that this is my old bus driver.

      But she doesnít look like her at all! I realize that iím dreaming and we just get inside. I talk a bit with her, but she reacts really stubborn. I wanted to baffle her a bit, so i grab my lighter and put my right hand on fire. I through some flames through the room and everybody is astonished.

      I walk through a door and iím now at home. Everything looks exactly as in waking life, fully vivid. I think that i donít need to stabilize.

      I get downstairs into our kitchen. Suddenly everything is dark and i canít see clear anymore. I turn on all lights. It helps a bit, as it gets brighter. My sister is there. I wonder about our team task, to meet Sydney. But i decide to phone her first. As i walk downstairs into the basement i type in into my phone ĄSydneyď. Iím proud that it works, it also shows a small picture of her. But in the end, a man answers and talks something in French, like she had an French telephone answering. I donít understand a word and hang up.

      I search again for her in my contacts, but the dream gets unstable and ends.

      On my way home
      Iím at the back of our elementary school. I go down past the church, and on the main street. The street is full of sludge, my shoes get really dirty. Then there is a show. An old women shows conjurer's tricks, I think. Iím semi-lucid and use telekinesis to let a basket besides her fly. I think about letting something bigger fly, like a car, but forget about it. After the show a friend asks me, how she did all these things. I wait a moment, and try to determine if Iím dreaming by means of my feeling. I answer ďWait. Do you really know this is real?Ē I show him to plug his nose, and try to breathe. I confuse about if you should or should not be able to breathe, but he knows what I mean.

      I wake up in a FA. I immediately do the Nose-Plug RC. As someone would expect, I was able to breathe. But I missed it and said to myself Iím only able to do it since I have a really bad cold.

      At home
      I open our bathroom door, theres our lieutenant in our bathtub and in another bathtub a women. I start laughing about the strange things happening in my dreams.
    4. construction work

      by , 12-24-2011 at 02:50 PM (cinema of the mind)
      We are finished with the construction work for today. My friend T. and I collect and stow our tools onto the trailer. It's been a long day working here at this place. Many other workers also finish their workings as it is 2:00 p.m. Friday.

      When i undress my working clothes and put on own clothing, someones saying over loudspeaker that everybody has to leave the construction area. I put my clothing into my car's trunk.

      Many workers said they go over to an inn now, not far away. I decide to get there. On my way, i come across a really huge truck trailer, loaded with huge tree stems. For me it seems the trailer is a few hundred metres high, standing here since an eternity. It's wheels are old and damaged. On one side it's standing on the wheel rim on a bunch of metal plates.

      When i get outside through the gate, some people are closing it already. I yell at them "Hey! wait a minute, i have to park my car outside!" One of them replies "Hurry up, we want to go home"

      I run back. T. takes the car and i take the trailer. The trailer can drive by itself, i just sit on it and drive it. I panic when i notice that i can't steer it.

      I'm driving straight through the gate, but then comes a curve. Behind it is a pond, with really much algas. The trailer goes down the bank right into the pond. But the algas are so strong that i can drive on them, or atleast a little bit. It gets too heavy for them to carry the weight, so the trailer sinks. It doesn't stop and gets out of the pond on the other side. I stop the engine and jump off.

      In the pond I see two people swimming. I grab some wax remnants and throw them into the water, to feed the two people xD
    5. strange, weird imagination.

      by , 12-21-2011 at 06:58 PM (cinema of the mind)
      I'm at the military. We do some postprocessing work on a wooden ramp.

      I start eating on the wooden ramp . My instructur sees me and advises me to not do it because i'm scratching the ramp. I totally freak out and yell at him "You f** a** ***". He replies "OK. Recruit, you come to report later to me in the attic.

      In the attic, i meet some students. The instructor tells me something i don't remember. I grab my harry potter book (??) and go outside to bring it to my mum. She's sitting on a plaster and i show her the book.

      marathon ?
      I'm on a highway and steel a car GTA-like. I have a mission. I stop the car to get a motorbike. With an insanely speed i'm driving on the central line and i see everything 3rd Person like.

      I get to a building into the underground carpark and get up. There are several shops. A crowd wants to stop me. But i get past them and continue my mission. A man, gagged and bound to a chair, is sitting there. Now i have to kill him. I don't want to describe it further, but i didn't do it in the end and got very sentimental.

      A very load bang. Students all around me. It must have been a cannon.

      False awakening. I'm taking down short notes for the second dream.
    6. fish-restaurant / running

      by , 12-18-2011 at 10:31 AM (cinema of the mind)

      The sun is shining and it's a warm summerday. We are in the countryside and visiting a restaurant near a lake. Inside it looks like an old farmhouse with dark wooden furniture.

      A friendly old women guides us. We say we want to eat outside, so we do. Her husband is the cook. His son has taken over the whole restaurant and also owns some other businesses.

      It gets a bit strange when we get into the lake and the old man starts cooking in one corner of the lake

      I'm at home and i need some fresh air. so i decide to go for a run. When i start running, i notice i wear really heavy boots and warm clothing, not the ideal dressing for sports. But i continue.

      I remember running on a lonely street with old houses on both sides, the taking the left and running through a park. There were some people i knew and i didn't want them to see that i'm running with boots.

      At next i came home. Or at least i thought i did. I got into a room, where my Uncle was. We talked a bit about running and i asked if he knew any running routes. He showed me one on his PC. "Can you mail me this?". "Of course", he said. He had to copy it on another PC until he could open the mail-client. When i had to type in my address, i had great difficulty not to hit the false keys.

      The signs that i missed:
      x Someone cooks in a lake
      x I'm wearing boots when running
      x Hard time with typing on a keyboard
      Tags: eating, fish, lake, running
    7. the girl next door / bad sleep / bar

      by , 12-17-2011 at 10:39 AM (cinema of the mind)
      the girl next door

      We know each other because my parents need soon some people who help us working on something. She's really cute and i want to talk with her a bit.

      It's a bit strange where i live, I'm on a dark wooden attic. When i go to her, i don't leave the attic, but just go on a corridor with a graveld ground. Her home is also a very dark room on the attic and i talk to her a bit. We then say it's a bit late to help my parents with work so we leave them alone.

      On my way home on the corridor i meet some friends.

      bad sleep

      I'm at my ex-girlfriends house with a lot of my friends. Her parents allowed us to sleep at their home, but my ex isn't here.

      When i go to sleep i worry about my contact lenses, it's not good to wear them over sleeping.

      But i have no choice. I start sleeping somewhere, but someone disrupts me. i'm really angry and get away from there and sleep on the ground. Again someone disturbs me, i change my sleeping place and the same process continues.

      when it's already morning i'm not rested at all and my eyes hurt but i'm happy this horrible night is over.

      A bit later we go over to a garden pavillion, they've cooked lunch. On a big table we all eat together several courses.

      in the bar

      I'm with my friends at a small bar, it's a very good atmosphere and we are drinking.

      When i look at my watch, i notice it's one o'clock. I question how we should get home later. I'm here with the van, but i won't be able to drive home the next hours.

      A friend of mine says "don't worry, we leave the car here, you can get it tomorrow. I can bring you there"
    8. Teleportation / Waiting for the bus

      by , 10-29-2011 at 09:48 AM (cinema of the mind)
      DILD - teleporting to another planet

      At first, i activate my senses to make the dream stable and make it feel more real.

      I ook around, admire the details. I listen for sounds and rub my hands. I also try to feel my whole body, and it helps, the dream is now velry vivid.

      While i imagine how the destination would look, i draw a door with my finger on the wall.

      Then i touch the wall (which is still only a wall) with a finger. No door. But i concentrated so much on the new destination, that i lost my surroundings and i'm now in a completely different place.

      Dream - Waiting for the bus

      I'm at a bus station i know very well. I'm alone on my way so i look for people i know. When i think i don't know anybody here, a friend aproaches and we talk a bit.

      Next, i sit down at a table near the bus station and talk with other friends and my sister. I want to go home and my friends want to go to the centre of the city to some bars. A waiter approaches us and we say we don't want to drink anything.

      It's already 01:00 pm and the bus arrives. My sister and me get on the bus. I notice that it's strangely dark outside, but it's midday. I take a foto of the strange phenomenon.
      lucid , non-lucid
    9. ketchup

      by , 10-16-2011 at 09:13 AM (cinema of the mind)
      i'm with some friends at home. we are eating chips when somebody wants some ketchup for dipping. i get up to look for it in the fridge, but i find a bottle of salsa and grab it. served in a bowl of glass, everybody gets enough.

      im cutting one shoe into pieces. when im finished, im like wtf which shoes should i wear now??

      i recalled a dream and a second dream, whereas the second one was based on the first. But i eventually fell asleep when i was recalling, so i forgot the content of the dreams

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    10. cooking

      by , 08-20-2011 at 01:55 PM (cinema of the mind)
      fragment: cooking

      I'm cooking for lunch. It's a dish i recently ate. It consists of several courses, but i hadn't all ingredients so it's an incomplete dish. To finish it, i had to roast some onions. I grabbed 2 big red onions and wanted to get a sharp knife to cut it. But i looked through the knifes, there was no suitable knife.
      Tags: cooking
    11. still weird dreams

      by , 08-15-2011 at 12:59 PM (cinema of the mind)
      dream: recently at the supermarket
      I was at the supermarket to buy something when suddenly my mobilephone rings. It's my ex, she wants to visit me, i tell her i'm at the supermarket, she says she will be here soon. I'm there with a friend, he says i don't smell very good i shall take a shower before i meet her. I notice a shower in the middle of the market. Why not take a shower here? I grab a shampoo.
      The dream skips.
      The shop manager is here, shes angry that i used the shower in the shop. But suddenly my ex comes in. I can see it in her eyes that shes happy to see me. At next the shop manager proudly announces that we have won something and we have to take a photo for the press.

      fragment: sports exercises
      I'm training with a good friend, we compare results

      dream: in a city
      Two girls and a boy are with me in a flatshare. I wake up in my bed there and check the time. Shit! it's already 15:30 i have slept really long, the last time i checked the time it was 9:00. I get up and wonder what to do. Wait, we are already here? i forgot to visit a friend of mine before we drove. I talk a bit with the others and i decide to go to the next supermarket to buy some things. As we go outside, the girls ask me if i could chaffeur them to the next city. I decline, i want to go by foot. And i don't think it's safe to drive such a distance, the sky is pitch black and it's raining heavily. A thunderstorm may arise soon. I go inside a public building. theres a woman making pizza on one side of the building, on the other there are dustbins. i notice theres a baby lying inside. it must belong to the woman.

      fragment: phone
      I switch on my phone. It's starting music is a theme from an old james bond game.
    12. big run

      by , 08-14-2011 at 12:30 PM (cinema of the mind)
      fragment: drinking
      I bought some glasses of wine mixed with soda water. I was so thirsty and tried one, it tasted only like water.

      dream: big run
      i was running on long roads, very fast and overtaking cars and other runners. At a building i stopped and got inside. Another runner was there and i talked a bit with him. I noticed my white poloshirt that i dressed earlier when i got up for short. I continued my mission, to find both parts of couples. Then i ran back to the other runners to tell them my progress. They where beneath a mountain, i could clearly see the streets going up the mountain and a wood. My father was also there, i showed him my strange red stains. one was on my hand, about 2 cm big but it didn't hurt.
    13. in a castle / kitchen

      by , 07-04-2011 at 10:10 AM (cinema of the mind)

      in a castle
      I am in a castle, i rem something about a supermarket but i have problems recalling it. I'm walking through a corridor when i become lucid. I try to stabilize the dream by focusing on my environments and feeling it. But i'm thinking about this being all a dream and it can't be real, and the dream stops.

      I remember my current goal, to listen to music

      We are watching something going on outside the window. Then i can see santa claus standing there. I say to the others "can you also see santa standing there or i'm just having hallucinations??" They replay with yes. But i become lucid anyways. I remember my current goal and turn around. I'm in our kitchen. I walk to the radio, it's our very old one. i turn it on, some oldies music starts playing.

      YouTube - ‪Bee Gees-Stayin' Alive‬‏
      Tags: castle, kitchen, music
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    14. After the theatre

      by , 06-23-2011 at 04:10 PM (cinema of the mind)

      We are watching a theatre, my friends and me. when it's over, i go outside to drive home. I notice that my car reacts strange. I try different things, i end up jumping from a small hill with a motorbike. It doesn't harm me at all. To top this weirdness, i sit down on a newspaper (!!) and try to drive it. i imagine the accelerator pedal on the right, and trigger it with my foot. The newspaper hovers, i can drive it like a go-kart. I also tried to fly it, but only on short height.

      This is too much to me to be possible, i assume i'm dreaming. As im driving, i remember my current goal. It's eating something. To complete it, i simply tear off a piece of the newspaper and eat it. it tastes a bit like wafer.

      I did several DEILDs because i kept waking up, but managed to do the following tasks:

      I'm in a small village, i want to fly. I take a long run and jump off a roof, but loose the dream.

      I'm flying, but use a little aid. i imagined a wood billet im sitting on, it accelerates me whenever i want to, in every direction. The only thing is, i have to trust in this ability 100%, when i doubted, i fell down.

      I'm on a plattform high in the air above a swimming pool. on about half height theres another platform, made of metal. I wonder how falling feels like on such a height, and simply let myself fall over. It's an amazing feeling, when i crush onto the platform i feel nothing. After a short DEILD, i'm back on the second platform and take another jump into the water, it's even more amazing.
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    15. left in the dark

      by , 06-21-2011 at 01:56 PM (cinema of the mind)

      False awakening. I get out of bed. On my wardrobe, theres a leather jacket hanging. I saw it yesterday in our cellar, i think my mum must have hang it there. Now i'm on the way to the toilet. I turn off the light, it's absolutely dark for a moment, then i can see barely but enough to find the toilet room. I get in, close the door and try to turn on the light. It doesn't work, i think it must be broken. instead, a smaller light beound the mirror goes on, but it's very dim. I panic, this all is strange. I try to open the door, but get resistance.

      Then i think clearer, non-working lights have always been a dream sign, i don't have to worry it's all my dream. I stop pulling on the door and it opens. i let go every fear and something from behind the door drops on the floor, i can feel it on my feet. then i wake up
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