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    cinema of the mind

    Very fragmented lucid

    by , 04-06-2012 at 04:53 PM (499 Views)
    It's dark again in my room. Shit! it was never easy to bring light into my lucids. I switch the lights on and off but nothing happens. No hope, this dream is ending.

    I'm with my father jogging. We come to a bar, and I order apple juice. I'm still trying to get this dream properly stabilized. For one thing i notize my foggy sight, so i take off my glasses (Yes, that helps ) Next, i rub my hands. Just as I feel more grounded, this dream either ends.

    I jump-start in a tour bus. It's driving along a wonderful river, on the other side there are huge mountains. Two old women, a young girl and me are sitting on two seats.^^. Nobody has realy much place so i start getting out of it. I do so by gliding through the ceiling. As i just got out, the bus driver gets the bus hurling and we crash through guardrail into the river. The bus sinks, but all the people get out without problems. Everyone seems to be happy after such an accident, when the dream once again ends.

    I'm now sitting at a bar with two people. We are drinking shots, and they don't taste bad.

    I'm now at a table sitting with a friend. I seem to loose lucidity and want to RC but not in front of all the others. I get up to get my bag. It's in the locker.

    I turn lucid luckily again. I get out of this house. I repeat the sentence "I'm lucid" and it helps a little. I try to feel every muscle of my body when i walk around in that garden. It feels realistic, but not overwhelming. I see a jeep stopping on the street next to the garden. Just some trees are on the edge of the garden. As I walk there, a strange DC appears. Grass is growing on his entiry body and he wants to stop me. I can't go ahead, the harder i push, the more resistant he gets. Anyway, i manage to get past him and get into the jeep. I start the enginge and start driving. The sun is going down really fast, within seconds it's night. As the jeep goes really slow, i remember matte once saying flying a car is also possible. As i pull on the steering wheel, the front of the car gets up in the air. After several tries i manage to get the whole car flying. It's just a short flight, my dream seems to come to an end and i crash down into a building, inside is a theater.

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