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    cinema of the mind

    Weird big house

    by , 08-25-2012 at 10:33 AM (535 Views)
    I'm waking up, realise that quickly and stay calm to DEILD back.

    We are walking on a street, a friend of mine and me. He already talks weird things when I confirm my lucidity with a RC. Breathing through the nose really works! He tells me how he conquered his blashfulness, when he first tried a new clothing style. At first I thought that was completely nonsense. But then I realised it's not stupid at all. You can fix your own problems when dreaming more easily.

    So I left him and went into the next big House. There I met two girls and began talking with them. I wanted to talk about shyness and what I can do about it, but the dream went more instabler. At first I had problems with talking, but they gave me some advise I forgot later :/ The dream fell apart.

    Now awake, i stood still and chose to reenter the dream instead of writing everything down.

    After short but heavy HI I was back in the basement of what seemed like a big shopping mall. Here I eventually lost lucidity. I get into an elevator and go up to the next stage. Some people here seem to know me, I have to do something for them i do not remember.

    Then I continue my exploration of this building. In the next room I meet two very strange people. They seem to represent the opposite of each other. Now I have to choose which way to go, I think i took the left one.

    We are on the very highest floor. A theatre is playing there. We watch it until the end and talk a bit afterwards.

    I continue my explorations and come to a room with people doing fitness excercises.

    Later I decide to walk home. I meet a girl on my way. We come past a police man. He does a quick check of us and of our passports.

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