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    1. First Hour Long LD

      by , 09-09-2020 at 03:35 PM
      I enter the dream fully lucid. I am in my music studio and there is a man standing in the corner. I have seen him standing there in previous dreams and he is always smiling but taunting me a little. This time I reach out toward him and dissolve him. I turn back toward the door and it has closed. I look up at the ceiling and decide to just fly through it.

      I feel myself losing stability and I find myself back in my bed. My wife is next to me and we are sitting up in the bed eating roasted chicken. There are people in the room off to our right and one man is berating her in a loud voice. He then begins to insult me as well. I feel myself getting angry so I get out of bed and say, "I'm going in to wash my hands and when I come back I'm going to punch you".

      I go into the bathroom to wash and when I look at my hands I decide to put my right index finger through my left palm. It doesn't go through so I push harder and watch as it emerges out the back of my hand. The skin around the finger is pushed back like an exit wound. I turn back and the door has been closed......I hesitate and then walk through it. When I get back to the bedroom door there is a man standing there threateningly as if to not let me pass. I touch him and he dissolves.

      I am standing in the hallway now, fully lucid. I ponder what I should do next. I decide to spin around and see where I end up. I spin one time and find myself in an open area somewhere outside. It feels like it might be an old dump. I look around and there are numerous couples huddling under blankets. I walk slowly among them. As I pass one couple I reach out and touch the woman's hand. I hear her say, "He touched me." Then I hear a man say, "Just be quiet and he'll leave." At the edge of the clearing I stop and turn to look back at all of the blanketed couples before flying slowly over them and out of the scene.

      Now I am in a nondescript scene still fully lucid. I decide that I'll try to meditate. I try to close my eyes and I find that I can't. I try harder and I wake up.
    2. A Voice From Beyond

      by , 09-09-2020 at 02:59 PM
      This occurred after another aborted WILD attempt that had resulted in strong hypnagogia. I had drifted into sleep. As I awoke.........

      ..... in the brief liminal moment between sleep and waking a voice calls out to me. It is the voice of an older woman. Her voice is very specific and very clear.....I would recognize it if I heard it again. She sounds a little distant and a little desperate. She has called me by my name. "Steve.....I can't remember my name.". I wake up in the dark and I know her name. I say it out loud. I tell her what her name is.

      I googled her name as soon as I got up. She had died three weeks before. Her picture looks just like she sounded.
    3. OBE or AP

      by , 09-09-2020 at 02:28 PM
      This occurred at the end of a WILD attempt. I rolled over into my sleep position and almost immediately.......

      ......I feel my body physically flying from the bed, feet first, with my eyes still closed. The feeling is visceral....strongly physical. I am fully awake having not really fallen asleep. I end up in my back yard in the air. I turn over and look down. There is a thick fog but I can see my back yard and the neighboring houses through the fog.

      I float for a while and then soar into the air before returning to the spot above the yard. I wonder actively about the fog as I feel myself returning to my bed.

      This occurred in January of 2020. It had been unusually warm. I got up and went into the bathroom. When I looked out the bathroom window......there was dense fog.
    4. The Stream (two nights in a row)

      by , 09-09-2020 at 02:18 PM
      These dreams came only a few weeks after I began working with LD techniques.

      I enter the dream fully lucid and high over a field. Below me is a stream that flows through the field from the woods beyond. there is a figure standing in the stream. I fly down to the stream and become the figure.

      Now I am standing in the stream with the water flowing toward me. I can feel the force of the current around my legs as the water is up just above my knees. I walk slowly upstream to where the stream is tumbling gently over some rocks into a small pool. On the left is a small patch of sand. I look up stream further to where the stream emerges from the woods and I see a small tree that has fallen out over the water. One of it's branches is intermittently caught in the current and it bobs rhythmically. I walk out of the water and up on to the sand. There is a path that leads away from the stream. I wake up.

      The very next night......

      I enter the dream fully lucid and I am flying high over the exact same scene. This time there is nobody standing in the stream. I fly down and land in the stream I walk up to the sandy shore. Everything is exactly the same right down the the tree with the branch bobbing in the current. I walk back into the water this time and lay down on the bottom of the pool below where the water is tumbling down.

      I lay on the bottom breathing in the water and looking up at the clear blue sky.
    5. First Lucid Dream

      by , 09-09-2020 at 01:41 PM
      I am going to journal the three most powerful nocturnal events that have shaped me over the last year and a half.

      This is the dream that started me on this path. It occurred on the night of February 3, 2019.

      I am canoeing down a narrow river in my red Old Town canoe. I am alone. In front of me the river narrows between two outcroppings. Suddenly a huge hippopotamus rises from the river between the two rock outcroppings. It is dark gray and dripping with water. It speaks to me in the soft voice of a woman telling me that I can no longer go this way.

      I fly from the river trailing the canoe behind me and end up standing on the raised bank that had been to my left. I glance back at the river and realize that I am fully awake in the dream. I turn and look off into the distance as I wake up.

      That next morning I researched "waking up in a dream" and discovered lucid dreaming.
    6. Acceptance into.......

      by , 08-18-2019 at 12:58 AM
      This is my first post here....even though I have kept a strong DJ for the six months or so that I have been training. This dream felt....very important.

      I should preface this by saying that have gravitated toward some of the more esoteric tenets of Dream Yoga, even as I work hard on my LD techniques pretty much every night. My goal in all of this is to improve who I am and how I live my life by adding a few hours every day to the time I have left to improve. I am 67 years old. I tend to use lucid dreaming as a strong tool toward that end but my daytime practice is very strong on establishing a solid presence in every moment in the hope that that true presence translates into the dream and, in turn, further translates into my daily life. It is working, btw

      This dream came a few days ago on a Thursday night after SSILD at 2:00 AM. I get up every day at 4:00 AM to start my day.

      I entered the dream at the entrance of a room. I looked around a bit and was greeted by a man who indicated that I needed to be humble and was not allowed to stand as I entered. I looked at him and identified him as a DC. I was not humble as I entered. Instead I entered in suwari waza style...knee walking (google that). I an an Aikido Shodan from my younger years. I took a strong seiza posture in the room and looked at all of them. In front of me was a woman...sitting up high, with a number of men to her right (my left). She had shortish hair and was smiling at me right from the start. She was defintely a person of power and authority and the men were subservient to her but still very importanat.

      They were discussing me as if I was not there and they were amused a bit by my attitude. She spoke to me about that attitude and I just smiled and looked back at her. To her left was a tall bookcase filled with books. I brought my perception closer to it and read some of the titles but I have not been able to recall those titles.

      They spoke among themselves....she was smiling as if slightly amused but possibly impressed. As the dream began to dissolve a slip of paper was put into my hands that had numbers on it as if it was an order for material...the numbers were large. I work in sales in my days and this felt immediately like a massive gift....or on a deeper level like I had been accepted into their circle.......as the dream continued to dissolve around me.

      I'm not big on dream interpretation. I would rather understand where the dream comes from within me. An interesting side noteis that on Friday night I had planned to work on HI and WILD toward morning, knowing that I did not really need to rise early. At around 2:00 AM I woke from a dreamless sleep and got up feeling incredible clear and awake. I always have dreams..always. I generally remember at least two or three. I stayed up for a short while and the went back to bed. I put my body to sleep fairly quickly but there was no HI. Instead I experienced an amazing calmness as I remained awake for two hours or so....more, as I think back. There was...a white light instead of the usual HI colors. At the end I fell asleep briefly and awoke feeling incredibly rested and invigorated.

      That was last night. Looking forward to tonight's dreams.....