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    First Hour Long LD

    by , 09-09-2020 at 03:35 PM (585 Views)
    I enter the dream fully lucid. I am in my music studio and there is a man standing in the corner. I have seen him standing there in previous dreams and he is always smiling but taunting me a little. This time I reach out toward him and dissolve him. I turn back toward the door and it has closed. I look up at the ceiling and decide to just fly through it.

    I feel myself losing stability and I find myself back in my bed. My wife is next to me and we are sitting up in the bed eating roasted chicken. There are people in the room off to our right and one man is berating her in a loud voice. He then begins to insult me as well. I feel myself getting angry so I get out of bed and say, "I'm going in to wash my hands and when I come back I'm going to punch you".

    I go into the bathroom to wash and when I look at my hands I decide to put my right index finger through my left palm. It doesn't go through so I push harder and watch as it emerges out the back of my hand. The skin around the finger is pushed back like an exit wound. I turn back and the door has been closed......I hesitate and then walk through it. When I get back to the bedroom door there is a man standing there threateningly as if to not let me pass. I touch him and he dissolves.

    I am standing in the hallway now, fully lucid. I ponder what I should do next. I decide to spin around and see where I end up. I spin one time and find myself in an open area somewhere outside. It feels like it might be an old dump. I look around and there are numerous couples huddling under blankets. I walk slowly among them. As I pass one couple I reach out and touch the woman's hand. I hear her say, "He touched me." Then I hear a man say, "Just be quiet and he'll leave." At the edge of the clearing I stop and turn to look back at all of the blanketed couples before flying slowly over them and out of the scene.

    Now I am in a nondescript scene still fully lucid. I decide that I'll try to meditate. I try to close my eyes and I find that I can't. I try harder and I wake up.
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    1. FryingMan's Avatar
      The "just be quiet and he'll leave" gave me a strong impression that you were a traveler through "somebody else's" reality. Like in the Amber series of books by Zelazny (very dreamy content, excellent incubation material), where the powerful beings who live in the "real world" from which all others are just shadows have the ability to travel between these shadows. As they are performing this "shadow walk," where they use expectation to shift between the shadows, changing detail by detail to achieve the destination they desire, they encounter different beings along the way who usually look at them but otherwise ignore them. I got this impression that you were on a "shadow walk" through the blanketed couples area!
    2. lenscaper's Avatar
      I had that exact feeling. The voices made me stop for a brief moment......one of those things that increases lucidity.