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    A Voice From Beyond

    by , 09-09-2020 at 02:59 PM (618 Views)
    This occurred after another aborted WILD attempt that had resulted in strong hypnagogia. I had drifted into sleep. As I awoke.........

    ..... in the brief liminal moment between sleep and waking a voice calls out to me. It is the voice of an older woman. Her voice is very specific and very clear.....I would recognize it if I heard it again. She sounds a little distant and a little desperate. She has called me by my name. "Steve.....I can't remember my name.". I wake up in the dark and I know her name. I say it out loud. I tell her what her name is.

    I googled her name as soon as I got up. She had died three weeks before. Her picture looks just like she sounded.
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    1. michael79's Avatar
      I have many of this experiences, I call them channeling with the dead. They always happens between sleep and awake. In one of them I connected with a young woman, she was crying. I asked what her name is and why she is crying. She said her name is Olive and she is crying because everything around her is only darkness and she have no idea how she got there. I asked her what is last thing she remembers, she said that everything is a little hazy, but there are some flashes of memories that she was driving a car together with her mother at night, she go in a serious fight with her mother and last thing she remembers are lights in front of her. She started to cry again while saying 'am I dead', moment later she said that she is hearing some footsteps in the dark and something is approaching. I asked her 'what are you seeing', but I only heard her loud scream and connection got lost. I was totally shocked from rhis and stand up from my bed to end the experience.