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    Letaali's Dream Journal

    Hello and welcome to my dream journal!

    Dream Key:

    I won't write all my dreams here, just interesting/lucid dreams.
    For fun, I might track some things from my dreams here.

    Personal goal attempts: 17 (Been trying to reach a planet I visited in a dream in 2013)

    Alien worlds visited:

    Spoiler for the list:

    1. Dry spell over

      by , 05-14-2020 at 11:05 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      LD 120 - Gliding and Flying Again
      After struggling to fall asleep again, I sink into my thoughts about my sister keeping a vlog on youtube, which happened in a previous dream. While thinking about commenting on the videos and stuff, a dream has formed around me. Iím gliding on the floor of an empty apartment and spinning too. Iím in a resting position like in waking life, but just spinning and gliding. Suddenly Iím outside on a sunny day, gliding on a street through a city. My thoughts rationalize slowly that I must be dreaming.

      I continue to glide down the street until a store stops me. I donít want to go inside again, I remember struggling to get outside in previous lucids. I stand up and start flying over the city. I cross over a small river and notice thereís a dark spot covering half of my vision. Itís my waking life hand thatís resting on my face. I try to ignore it and make it go away, but I focus on it too much and wake up.