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    Letaali's Dream Journal

    Interview in a Dream

    by , 08-26-2018 at 05:43 AM (276 Views)
    I go to a grocery store. There's many empty shelves. I look at some donuts closely. Really want to buy one, but I manage to stop myself. Julia from university is selling these pastries. She's also eating one. We have a short chat, apparently there's a new donut hitting the shelves tomorrow. The name of it was confusing me.

    Scene changes, I'm at my childhood home and plan to interview someone in their dream. I have a DC in on this with me. Suddenly I'm interviewing the person. I pick something from the table and tell them it's a tarot card deck. I'm going to tell tell them their future. The black deck keeps changing when I look at it. I expected this, because I know I'm in a dream. But I still believe the previous dream to be real, so I still act like the person I was in that dream and not myself. I have no memory of my actual lucid dream goals or my actual waking life, so I don't feel lucid and wouldn't call this a lucid dream.

    When I look up from the cards again, the scene has changed. I'm sitting in the living room and the person I'm interviewing is outside, under the apple trees. I pick a card. It's a queen in a long dress sitting on a fancy chair. There's a dark box under the art and a line of text. "Lust..." I only read the first word. The text wasn't going to help with my BS. I place the card face down on the table and lie what it was. I ask the person what their worst moment with their parents was. Just came up with that on the spot, I didn't even know what to ask.

    While they were answering, suddenly they disappeared, leaving only clothes behind. I look around me for my DC partner, another pile of clothes like some odd scarecrows. They had woken up. I saw a wave of energy hit me and I woke up too. These strange scarecrows were still around. I tried to hide them before they guy I was interviewing would see them.

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