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    LD 91 - Just hanging out with a girl

    by , 02-21-2017 at 02:16 AM (697 Views)
    I'm in my brother's old room. My brother is in the backyard with three women about to have sex. My mom is hanging from the roof and throwing rice on them. I start to question reality. This can't be real. I focus on my state and what I feel. Slowly I start to feel my real body and I stop there, don't want to wake up.

    My brother is no longer outside, but one of the girls is. She has long blond hair and nice curves. She wants to talk to me and attempts to write something on the glass with her finger. I know it's not going to work and she realizes it too. I quickly get to the backdoor and let her in. Her body is no longer as curvy, sad day. "Having sex would wake me up. Lets not wake up immediately." I think.

    And so we talk. She's energetic and likes me. We talk about music and dancing. We go to my room and I ask her to phase her hand through a lamp that I summoned out of thin air. She acts like she's doing it, but she really isn't. I show her how. With a little effort, I manage to phase my hand through the lampshade made of glass. I think my hand fused with the glass as it went through. I feel the glass squeezing my arm. We listen to music and I try to show her how I dance, but I struggle with it. Why is dancing so hard in dreams for me? After that I go to bed and ask her to join. Her body is pressed against mine and it's like lava. Not literally, but her warmth is intense. Shortly after I wake up, you can guess why.
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    Tags: family, phasing


    1. espsika's Avatar
      Thoughts of having sex? I guess
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    2. obfusc8's Avatar
      Nice control (both self and dream!)

      But, kick that self-fulfilling prophecy right now! Why would sex make you wake up? You hear it repeated so often, normally by beginners, that others start to believe it, but it's not true. There are no limits to what you can do in your dreams. Ask the "experts", the "naturals", the frequent lucid dreamers, I bet all of them have examples in their journals of long/ good sexual encounters in lucid dreams that then go on (maybe you lose the scene, false awakening or whatever, but the dream continues.)


      That said, practicing dream control in less *ehem* intense situations is better for building confidence.... Awesome lucid though, nicely done
    3. Letaali's Avatar
      But, kick that self-fulfilling prophecy right now! Why would sex make you wake up?
      Is it just a self-fulfilling prophecy? I think my problem has to do with getting an erection in waking life during a lucid dream. It always pulls my attention to my waking life body, which causes me to lose the dream. I have saved myself from that situation a couple of times, by walking away from the girl. I guess it's sort of a mental endurance test to keep the dream together during sex.
    4. obfusc8's Avatar
      The state of your dream body doesn't always have to reflect the waking life situation of your body - in the dream you are standing, walking, etc, while your actual body is not. And I know that the penis is one of the few body parts that doesn't get sleep paralysis, but still, there's no requirement for your waking life body to mirror the dream one. You naturally get erections while sleeping anyway and that doesn't instantly shift your normal dreams into sexual ones, nor wake you up. Otherwise, everytime you get morning glory your last dream of the night is a sexual one? When you focus on physical sensations, touch, or taste, or any sense in a dream, it's perception of a dream body.

      I did a whole lotta reading on this subject and the research thats been done, and the DJs of a prolific lucid dreamer who frequently indulged in lucid sex. My conclusions were/are: lucid sex is in your brain, and doesn't automatically mean you have an erection in RL, or that if you ejaculate in a lucid dream that you will ejaculate in RL.

      But you're right, it does take a lot of mental endurance to keep the dream stable during sex.