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    Letaali's Dream Journal

    LD 96 - Super Bike (From 14.7.17 )

    by , 08-31-2017 at 03:25 PM (255 Views)
    At my old school in my hometown. Teacher missing, classroom outside? Iiro trying to sleep, he ignored me and I got mad. After some yelling I left. Old school buddies biking around. Awareness slowly rising. Got to my bike, unlocked it and left. I was almost sure this was a dream. I tossed the heavy bike lock at a car driving by. It left no dent in the glass. Yeah, dreaming. I hopped on the road and imagined my bike having a rocket behind it. Successfully rocket boosted forward. Car was coming my way, I decided that my bike was an indestructible laser blade that could cleave that car in half. Well, I phased through without harming it. Disappointed, I tried again with the next car. My bike cleaved the front half cleanly in two. I phased into the car and talked with the two guys. Gay couple, it turned out. Lucidity started to fade as my mind wandered. The chat with the gays made me visualize South Park games and my kitchen. I moved stuff with my mind in the kitchen, then the dream ended.

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