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    Lucid moment and a flooding town

    by , 06-16-2018 at 08:51 PM (399 Views)
    I'm lying on my back on a strange boat that fits one person. I steer by moving my feet; there's no steering wheel or anything like that, the boat just obeys me. I'm in my hometown, on a very familiar and small road. It's raining heavily. The scene is unnatural, apocalyptic even - the entire town is underwater. I see no other soul. It's dark and silent, other than the constant rain making noise.

    I steer the boat forward with my feet and mind. On some level I'm aware that I am causing this flood. I start thinking "What should I save? What should I let the flood destroy." and think this is good for the whole world. A fresh start. Pretty dark.

    I steer the boat towards an apartment made of glass walls. I go through the glass into the flooded apartment. I see several beautiful women in other rooms of the apartment, silently staring at me. They looked sad. The scene is weird enough for me to finally start questioning my state. I become lucid and try to get up from the boat. I haven't moved my upper body the entire dream and can't do it even lucid. I lose the dream.

    I no longer count lucid moments as lucid dreams, so I won't tag this as such.

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