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    Letaali's Dream Journal

    Mother Nature Sings

    by , 11-19-2019 at 09:50 AM (415 Views)
    I'm Spider-man. I'm fixing something in Manhattan-like city with Flik, the ant from a Pixar movie. Wind picks up and carries with it a soft female voice. The voice sings a single word "Tornado". I quickly turn around and see a powerful tornado coming towards me. I start web slinging away, but stop between two skyscrapers to look back. I'm worried for my friend and other people on the street. I see them running, but I have no time to worry about them anymore. The buildings next to me are starting to fall apart from the top, the tornado rips one of them apart completely. The collapsing skyscraper is about to bury me, but I escape with a quick web sling.
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